The 4th day was tooooooo much for this kid

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So i posted this yesterday. "

Hey people.
I just joined and it looks like you have a great community hear. The reason I am writing this is that I am having a LOT of trouble stopping my masturbation habits. You see, for some reason, i didnt start to masturbate until I was almost 15. I dont know why I didnt start earlier like most other guys but i guess i was just a late bloomer. But since i started, i have been hooked and i LOVE the feeling. I have probably averaged to masturbate about 3-4 times a day since i started. I guess i'm doing it so much is because i started at a young age and my hormones are trying to catch up. because of these late hormones, i have jacked off everywhere you can think of. In alleyways, movie theater hundreds of public restrooms. Maybe its because i am a virgin but i feel that i am unusually strongly attracted to the opposite sex. Like if i see a girl with a hot bod on the street, i will get a boner and jack off in the nearest public restroom. I lust for womens legs, bodies, and boobs very strongly. I recently noticed how much ive been masturbating and how much i masturbate to porn and pictures of celebs in bikinis. So for the past couple weeks ive been trying to hold off an orgasm for a week. But everyday, i fail and cant help my self from masturbated, usually several times a day. I am proud to say that i havent masturbated in 2 whole days and this is my 3rd day. I am trying to go for a week but i dont think i will make it. I have an erection several hours a day and i often stroke my penis to the edge of cumming while watching porn. Just today, i have prolly ALMOST came 10 times, but ive restrained myself. However, i stroke it alot and its taking me a while to write this b/c i keep have the urge to stoke it. Any tips?"

But today, i was browsing and i saw a picture of Jessica biel in a bikini. So i got a boner and had it for about an hour. So i started stroking. No big deal i thought. B/c over the past 4 days, i stoked probably over 100 times with each time feeling that almost about to cum feeling, but ive withheld myself from cumming every single time. But this picture was too much and i ended up going over the edge and it felt very very good b/c it had been the longest time without jacking since i started at age 14. But then i felt guilty afterword. This is hard and idontknow if another week is in me.


Welcome to the site!

You will never achieve your goal the way you're doing it right now. You're making a lot of mistakes.

It's 100x times easier to ignore the urge of taking a peek at porn than it is to ignore the urge of masturbating once you're already watching porn.

You have to be able to recognize your urges as soon as they emerge. So as soon as you feel the need to watch porn immediately shift your attention to something else, like playing guitar or going for a walk.

Same with pictures or fantasies, SAME THING. The moment you start thinking about sex, just smile and do something else.

Do not fight it. It's not supposed to be an exercise of strong will, it's supposed to be an exercise of constant awareness.

Oh and don't touch your dick. Masturbating without orgasm doesn't work either. You'll eventually give in.

It doesn't look like you have strong reasons for quitting so your brain is going to give you a lot of excuses.

"I'll just take a look"

"I'll do it just this time"

"What's the point of all this?"

Be aware of these excuses.

How old are you and what are your reasons for quitting?

~ The Underdog


So i have been masturbating to porn for about 6 or 7 years. Iam 26. And i agree with what the underdog is saying here. I have noticed the excuses he has listed in my own thought process. I also will note that touching your dick is probably not a good idea when you are having a sexual craving. I think staying away from any type of stimulation while having a craving will make the craving pass sooner and you can relax.
I am on day 3, and it is very hard and i hate! I wish i could look at porn. I can remember trying to quit porn at least.....10 times or more. and all have failed.
However i am hopefully going to succeed this time, because iam doing something different. What iam doing this time is working with someone who is a recovered alcoholic who has been through the 12 steps of AA and has been sober for about 10 years. So he is trying to apply the 12 steps of AA to porn.
He also said i need to have a spiritual experience and i need to prey every morning and humbel myself to some type of higher power. To me this is symbolic and is hopefully telling my limbic system that masurbating to porn is wrong and my higher funtion brain is doing as much as it can to not have the limbic system hijack me.