Help our webmaster celebrate his 40th birthday!

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TODAY IS "THE DAY!" so if you haven't made a loan to Kiva, please do!

Many of you benefit from the forum and the blogs. The man who made all this possible (by volunteering innumerable hours of his valuable time) is celebrating his Big Four-Oh this month. When I asked what he would like, he said with his usual noblesse:

The best birthday present would be for you to invite the Reuniting members to lend $25 to Kiva.

Kiva is a way to do "micro-lending" on a global basis to help small entrepreneurs around the world get started. You can read all about it at this link: "Kiva FAQ"

If you're willing to help him celebrate (and thank him for making it possible for all of us to support each other), please consider loaning $25.00 to Kiva.

How do I contribute at Kiva?

1) Join Kiva, using a different username than you have here:

2) Join Reuniting team:

3) Select an entrepreneur to lend to:
Make sure to attribute the loan to the 'Reuniting team'.

Thank you :)

When Marnia and me discussed Kiva by email, I had no idea Marnia would bring my birthday on this public forum. :) :P (blushing)

Allowing me to create a Reuniting group at and inviting the members here to join up is certainly one of the best birthday present I have had.

I want to thank the members who have already joined or who are about to do so.

At the same time, I recognize that not everybody has $25 to spare. This is one thing we discussed with Marnia: you shouldn't feel obligated should your current finance be a bit tight. We appreciate at least as much the moral support of those who cheer for the team from the side benches.

Thanks again to Marnia: I really didn't think you'd follow my suggestion, but I'm really happy that you did.

Blessings to all.


Happy birthday Gary!

Great minds think alike - I have $125 in Kiva already - mainly agriculture.


So I see, sorry for skim-reading!

Janitor (Scrubs fan?) thank you for making this website possible. You, Marnia, and Gary can only imagine the relief and help you bring to all guys who reach the end of the road and think "WTF am I going to do?". I wish I'd found this site many years ago.

Happy birthday, and if our paths ever cross, I'll buy you all well-deserved drink. Wink