Week 8 - Abstinence (sort of)

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I've completed 8 weeks of abstinence (sort of). I haven't looked at any porn but I had two orgasms. One was at the hands of a Thai massage girl last Thursday night and the other was self-inflicted on Sunday night. When I actually did come after 7 weeks...well let's just say I think she's probably still cleaning her ceiling. Holy shit! Blum 3

I don't really feel like I dropped the ball, since I still haven't had any urges to look at porn. I've been careful not to start masturbating frequently too. Monday night I found it very hard to sleep but last night sleep came a lot more easily. I will probably go without masturbating again for a little while, but my erection quality seems to have improved a lot and sensitivity too. Morning wood is getting better but is still not where I'd like it to be. I've been continuing with my 15 minutes of kegels a day to help with erection quality too and I believe this helps. Is anyone else out there doing kegels?

I mentioned last week that I got in a fight. My bruises have all but gone away and I'm fine again. I have noticed an overall increase in aggression/assertiveness. This usually manifests itself in road rage style fantasies, rather than external behaviour. I quickly clear these thoughts from my head when I become cognizant them, but I think I'll have to recalibrate to allow for what I think is an increase in testosterone, due to less orgasms. I've also been taking tribulus terristus to help with testosterone production, so this might have something to do with it. I'm still doing the new weights program and really liking it.

I also noticed that after orgasm I'm less switched on and feel less like talking to people in general, but especially girls. I'm not a fan of the caged monkey effect either but I think I little bit of frustration is good as incentive to drive us men to talk to the fairer sex.

In other news, I met a girl and took her dancing. We ended up going back to her place and making out and fooling around. No sex or orgasms though. I think I'll take it kind of slow and see what happens. I had a really good time though.

I'll continue to post weekly updates.



That's a lot of really good news

Sounds like you'll have little problem finding a balance that works for you. As for the massage woman, hope she had an umbrella. Smile

I can't help wondering how much of the aggression is due to the self-control, and how much to the supplements.

A date!!! Wow! Excellent.

*big hug*

You said,

"I have noticed an overall increase in aggression/assertiveness. "

I'm wondering whether the supplements might be contributing.


It's either that or the abstinence. I've finished the tribulus cycle today. Apparently you're meant to cycle it otherwise it loses its effect. So I'll see if there's any difference off cycle.