Is a partner even necessary?

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I am a white male and 31 years of age. I live in Dallas, Texas. Some say I
physically resemble the character Andy Botwin from the Showtime series "Weeds." It has
been one year since I have had a partner. I have had five sexual partners in 16
years. I know seven other males which are trustworthy. I regularly speak with two.
I have no pets. I have read the text featured on this site and other related
materials. Since I have been alone I have experienced the many advantages to single
life. The most noticeable advantage is the simplicity of my daily routine. In this
venue, life is easy.

However, I continue to be disrupted by the innate urge to seek out a female partner.
I understand this is a part of my genetic programming. I remain very attracted to
females. I also remain vigilant in my mission to become unaffected by this urge to
pair bond. My personal reasoning is that I refuse to yield control to my genes. In
this age of technology, it seems this could be effectively managed. I am not a
spiritual human; I agnostic in belief and also display some nihilistic traits.

The first part of my mission is to limit exposure to popular culture and social
gatherings. This has been difficult in a large urban area. The second part is to
limit exposure to mind-altering substances. At this point, I consume caffeine and
alcohol on the weekends in controlled quantities. The third part is to create a
balanced diet consisting of no processed foods. The fourth part is physical fitness
and massage. The fifth part is mental exercise which consists of reading and puzzles.
The sixth part is limited exposure to medication, which I use only for emergency
treatment. I have not been physically ill for two years. I own very few personal
belongings except for clothing and cookware. The results of this lifestyle have
afforded me a consistent mood and even more desire to pair bond as my general health
has increased.

At this point I am willing to seek a more aggressive treatment to eliminate the urge to
pair bond. The Hindu method of Brahmacharya is useful but somewhat abstract. I am
interested in any other research or solution that is in relation to this post.


Wrong site. This site is about reuniting male and female to tap the synergy between them.

If you decide that pair bonding is a good idea after all, come back and we'll tell you all about bonding behaviors. Wink