Brain worms and plasticity

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Do we know what causes the brain worm sensation? As far as I can tell it is linked to addiction and recovery as it seems to only get triggered by thoughts related to topics of possible addiction. I also wonder if people addicted to healthy things like working out get these same worms. Is it like an inner child trowing a tantrum internally or more like a wormhole. I can't quite figure that out. It also can feel a little like a headache, but it is more focused and directional.

Is there a way to use the worms to push the brain into a more plastic state? Can we rewire these nerve channels any way we want or must we waste them by letting them fade?


Have you poked around in the Wiki porn articles?

Mood swings while the brain is returning to balance are normal. Not everyone has them, but many do. Low dopamine (and/or decreased dopamine receptors) appear to be a major culprit. See

There are behaviors that help regulate mood. Different people have better luck with different ones. Time is also a big healer (assuming one doesn't keep the cycle going).