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I want to thank Jrenee for introducing me to the term “yoni.” I had never seen the word before so I looked it up on Wikipedia. I love yoni. And I like the word yoni. Synonyms in our language seem to be too clinical, or vulgar, or childish or degrading to women. I think yoni is just right – I believe it conveys affection and respect and creativity. Yonis are good.

I have always been a female worshiper at heart. Perhaps worship is too strong a word, but my life is not in order if I’m not in a good relationship with a strong woman. I want to thank rediscovered for first prompting me to think about the concept of female worship.

(I have already learned so much from the bloggers on this site!)

As a child, I always loved my mother, and I knew she loved me. The think the oxytocin must have flowed freely. But I never learned to bond with girls. In high school, I never dated or hung out with girls. But, my life was in order, I was a good student, etc; largely because I had a good relationship with my mother. I still idolize her.

When I went to college at 17 (I was a little precocious, too), I tried dating but never connected with any girl. I felt out of place because I was in a fraternity that was filled with promiscuous behavior. I became severely depressed and stopped going to classes. My social life consisted of getting drunk and masturbating. I dropped out of college, went in the military. Things got worse. My life became a parade of cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, titty bars, prostitutes and fast cars. And a one-night-stand with a very horny married woman. But never a meaningful relationship with a female. After discharge (honorable, but just barely), I somehow landed a good-paying job. I had plenty of money now, but off the job, it was still pretty much the same: cigarettes, better alcohol, quality drugs, gentlemen’s clubs, call girls and expensive fast cars. I dated a little, but never the same girl twice.

Then I saw HER. I managed to meet HER. I called HER and we went out. SHE seemed to like me. We went out again. I stopped smoking. I got checked for STDs – I was clean. We started seeing each other frequently. Never did drugs again, gave up the clubs, and never have had a sexual relationship with another woman. After eight years of chaotic living, I finally had a woman in my life again – my wife. And I worshipped her. We’re still together.

My family doctor is a woman, my dentist is a woman, my optometrist is a woman. (I wish I could find a good female urologist – their fingers are smaller.) My tai chi instructor is a woman, my barber is a woman, my best bosses have been women, my favorite author of books on healing sexual relationships is woman. At a lot of our of social gatherings, the men gravitate to one area and the women to another. That drives be nuts! I’d much rather be with the women or in mixed company. I have a good relationship with a few male friends and I like doing things with the guys sometimes, but I enjoy my relationship with their wives as much or more (none of these relationships are inappropriate – my wife is well aware of my preference.) I just feel better in the presence of females.

During the middle years of our marriage, I quit worshiping my wife. Instead there was plenty of yoni to worship courtesy of the porn industry. Always young. Always beautiful. Always horny. Always new. Always able to get an orgasm. And never fulfilling.

I recently unplugged totally from porn, and I have returned my wife to her pedestal where she deserves to be. We have adopted karezza lovemaking. I love her and her yoni and my goal in life is to do my best to keep her happy.

Thanks Jesse

Funny, but I'm the same way about men. I just adore them, being around them, kidding with them, hearing their perspectives, and so forth. I have a lot of good female friends, too, and also enjoy them, but men are...well...just splendid. Smile

"Synonyms in our language

"Synonyms in our language seem to be too clinical, or vulgar, or childish or degrading to women."

Exactly. In this society, where is the sacredness in sex?

There's hardly any. Its "just life" and there's nothing sacred about it, in fact it's more degrading, but most stoop down to such "degradation".


Society does not put the sacredness in anything , the individual is sacred, the outpouring of love is sacred, the spark within is sacred. Sacred sex is sacred because the spirits and bodies that are coming together are sacred.

We are all responsible for our own sacredness. We cannot be responsible for or demanding of anyone else's.


You're welcome, Jesse! And I

You're welcome, Jesse!

And I so agree with are indeed splendid. I love the combination of yin and yang and the way my lover's manliness gives me such energy. Mutual worship is a very good thing!


Love your posts.

rediscovered -- I love your posts -- so much passion! Yes, mutual worship is the greatest -- part of the balance thing, I guess. But a person can only worship in one direction.

I want to know why men have

I want to know why men have never been attributed with any 'divinity' like the Goddess has.. this is not counting the abuse of the Christian churches and patriarchy.

Women are the "great mystery". And men wholly aren't?

We are beasts and women are Goddess?

This allows many women to manipulate men in many cruel ways that may not be readily apparent to most.

But if there's any truth to it, then why not treat her as the one and only God(dess). As long as she can be responsible.

Maybe men have been treated as "Gods", but in this age, it's only Woman or none at all, and for those (men and women) who cannot handle it will become corrupted.

Men always being made fearful and ignorant of women. Never "learning her secrets". Only the "Chosen Ones" can pass through. But are they really fit to be so judgemental of us and deny us?

I'm not saying women may not have a right. But to make men beasts at the same time, and to choose the wrong men as the "initiated ones" as opposed to certain good neglected men, and to make it SO FREAKING IMPOSSIBLE to ever know a woman, because by "nature" she is wired such that a man will always be slave to her. To torture us is Justified. Any excuse to make a man's life harder and confuse him is Justified. She is Justice.

You would think she has a right because she's 'physically weak'? There are females in other species that aren't weak, and there are some species that aren't sexual like us. And trust me she is NOT weak, in fact she is probably stronger than men because she controls man, she controls society in ways you couldn't even imagine or even notice.

If someone can point out to me Exactly why I should believe in this, scientific evidence please do so. And I'm one to believe that yes spiritual thought can be scientific, the spiritual realms simply have their own laws.

If someone can then I'd definitely worship women. And I probably already do in my own way, but a large part of it is fear, in fact out of worship I avoid her because she despises me even though I can't really understand it. If love was all encompassing, then it should recognize what's inside me. I guess it really isn't all - encompassing. Or it doesn't exist.

I've tried, trust me. I've done my best but I guess it's never enough for little old me.

You have the strangest ideas!

There's plenty of room on the pedestal for you guys, too. Wink No one can be divine unless everyone is...of course. One purpose of clearing our perception with practices like karezza or meditation or whatever is so that we can more easily see that spark of the divine in each other.