Week 10

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So I'm 10 weeks into my quest to ditch porn. I haven't watched porn during this time and seem to be recovering well.

Stuff that happened since last Wednesday:

* Thursday night I saw salsa girl again. We went out to dinner at a nice place. On the way we checked out this crazy exhibition in China town. It was this "boat" with all these steel pipes on deck, each with a different length and these Chinese guys were playing the pipes with these rubber flip flop things xylophone style. To make it more interesting they were shooting gas into the pipes and lighting it up. The finale was a giant fireball. Good times. We went back to her place after and had sex again. Things seems to be going fine but I'm just taking it easy and seeing what happens.

* Friday night I went out with a mate after work. I noticed that I was a lot better at talking to girls this night than I've been in a long time. I was really hitting it off with this cute girl from Dubai, but I wasn't really trying so I didn't even think to ask for her number. Good times though.

* Saturday night I went out with my mate who just got back from Greece. It was a rather huge night of smoking and drinking. We were way too wasted to be any good with the ladies. Good times though.

* Sunday I tried to hook up another session with salsa girl again but turns out she was sick. I was so horny I ended up masturbating but I wasn't using any stimulus except for my own thoughts. I got a busy week ahead with work too so I might not see her for a few days.

So not a bad week. No porn, cam shows or erotica. I only masturbated once. I'm noticing more morning wood too. I'll post more in a week.