I dont know if I can stop.

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I've been hooked on Orgasm since I was 12. I just love the feeling so much, I have them maybe 3 times a day. I just don't know how its possible to stop.

You sound just like my husband

Smile He didn't need porn to get hooked when he was younger. Only when he stopped did he realize too frequent masturbation had been a major factor in his chronic depression.

I guess the first question is, "Why do you think you want to stop?" Are you experiencing any symptoms you think may be related and want to experiment to find out? Or have you noticed escalation to more extreme material? Anything else?

Tell us more, and start a blog if you like. http://www.reuniting.info/resources/bloggers

Yes! I do want to stop! and

Yes! I do want to stop! and I will start a blog soon. I do have depression, and, after reading this site, I think that my orgasms and depression may be related. I do watch porn, and it has escalated to more extreme material. I guess I may be addicted to the rush. Its been 5 years since my first O, and I haven't had a day off yet, and my relationships have suffered. Maybe I should cut down before I stop entirely?

I'm sorry you're suffering

But at least you have another thing to try to help with the depression.

If you are hooked, meaning that if porn has dysregulated the dopamine response of your brain, then you may find it very hard to "cut back." And even if you manage, you may slow your recovery to the point where you become discouraged and give up.

It looks like a brain suffering from dopamine dysregulation needs a long period of...well...rest, so it can recover its normal sensitivity. Until then, cravings are likely to drive you back in the direction of escalation.

Before you rush into anything ;-), have a look at this wiki article and watch the videos. It really helps to understand more about what's going on in your brain. http://www.reuniting.info/node/3343

Looking forward to your blog.

*big hug*

You can do it!

Absolutely. Will it be an easy road to recovery? Hello no. But remember, no pain no gain. If you muster up the will power, do ur research on tips to stopping m, you will come out of this experience a better and stronger person, mentally, emotionally and physically. I know this because for a month I abstained successfully, an noticed an exponential gain in my relationships, in forming new ones, I was focused and determined to set goals and accomplish them and was finding pleasuring in the little things in life. My Achilles heel was I thought the fight with this thing was over and abandoned what got me to one month. But I believe anything is possible- if man landing on the moon is testament to human potential, you can successfully overcome this issue.