Should we M to a schedule?

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In CPA, it talks about a schedule with a partner. Assuming we eliminate porn entirely, would it be terrible to masturbate to a schedule. I can see how it might be settling to the brain to know when it is coming. Is a schedule better during reboot or as a longer term strategy? Are there any experiments with addicts to test if a schedule eases the addiction?

Of course it's not terrible!

Find whatever works for you. A schedule is a great idea because it helps prevent escalation. I'm not aware of any studies. For the last 50 years the message has been, "masturbate as much as you wish because it's harmless...or even beneficial." That makes porn seem like a health-aid. Wink

Obviously, there's a bit more to human sexuality than that. Too much stimulation can dysregulate brains. But finding what works for you is all that's needed. Let us know what you work out.