Week 12

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So I skipped my week 11 update. Sorry sports fans. There was so much going on and I had my birthday and what not. I was doing a lot of partying basically. I have to get back to normality now. There's only so much a man's liver can take. I haven't looked at any porn and I've probably masturbated 4 times over these last 2 weeks. So here's what been happening since 2 Wednesdays ago:

* Salsa girl has called a halt to our little affair for now. I won't go into the details but I'm cool with it all. We're still talking off and on. I did have perhaps the craziest sex of my life with her the other night. Good times.

* I did have a one night stand with this other girl but I'd much rather have a regular partner that I have hang out with and have long lazy sessions punctuated by the occasional burst of gorilla sex. It was nothing to write home about but all my equipment seemed to be in good working order, which is nice.

* Salsa classes start again tomorrow. I'm pretty excited about this. No doubt there will be some more awesome girls to dance with (and hopefully more).

* I'm going to take the entire week off masturbation, not that I've been doing it a lot. But I want to be sure not to slip into old habits.

I guess the really cool thing is that I haven't been tempted at all to go and look at porn. There's plenty of other stuff (girls mainly) to be getting on with. Summer is coming up and I'm really glad because I feel like I've got this problem nailed and this is going to be one freakin' awesome summer. Good times! Smile



What I love about the recovery process based on the dopamine/brain sensitivity hypothesis is that people who go through it seem to develop a good sense of direction. That is, they know the signs to watch for and what to do if they need to return to balance. They are walking examples of "balance not perfection." They needn't fear the occasional indulgence, but they also know it's price...or at least they are well positioned to figure it out. Wink

This builds confidence in one's own judgment, and it's great to see.