Is it wrong/ unhealthy for me to have a foot fetish?

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Is it wrong/ unhealthy for me to have a foot fetish? I don't know if this has developed from the various porn videos I've watched where the girls have been bare feet, although I think it existed before. I have always found female feet (well some, not all - only on those girls I'm attracted to) to be very sexy.

However, because I have looked at foot fetish porn (including videos of that porn star who looked like my friend "Elle" engaging in acts such as foot jobs, having her feet licked, showing off her bare feet while having sex) I wonder if that has created unhealthy associations and imagery now? Is foot fetishism just a matter of me appreciating beauty or should this be something I should be seeking to be cured of? Is it even really a fetish what I have since I don't feel I have an unhealthy obsession with them but do appreciate other parts of a woman, and as mentioned, I only tend to be attracted to that body part if I'm also attracted to the girl, and not just any feet in general.


Stop watching porn

Stop watching porn completely.

There's nothing wrong with having a foot fetish, it's actually pretty common, but you have to stop letting porn define your sexual tastes.

I used to feel disgusted by penises until I started watching shemale porn. Fantasies involving chicks with dicks are now a common part of my everyday life.

These fetishes can be harmless, but I assure you that if you continue to strengthen them with porn then they will affect your sex life and you will become dependent on them for getting aroused.

Stop the porn already. Cold turkey.

Read Mindfulness In Plain English (you can find it free on Google) and everytime you get an urge attack it with mindfulness.

Er, no.

No, that's fine. You're an adult, do what you like. But while you're doing it make sure you look after your mind. Dwelling on anything overmuch can lead to compulsions and habit forming behaviours that may be hard to break in future. Be warned but be happy.

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As you probably know by now,

extreme stimulation produces orgasms, but at the cost of lingering dissatisfaction (because it numbs the brain's pleasure circuitry for a while). You find yourself wanting what you can't have...except in porn fantasies. It's not the substance of those desires that's ever the real problem (feet, Caucasians, whatever), just as it's not the substance of porn that's the real problem.

The real problem is the dissatisfaction itself (or in the case of porn content, the over-stimulation itself). Overstimulation creates dissatisfaction, and both occur at the neurochemical level.

Our society argues about content, when it should be focusing on brain effects. Anything that screws with our dopamine response can affect mood, erectile health, ability to socialize, tastes (for more extreme material), and enjoyment of life. Everyone experiences a slightly different mix of symptoms, but all are related to dopamine dysregulation.