Using a Computer Effectively

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Photo of my computer

If you find yourself looking at porn simply in between what you are doing, or if you forget the reason why you are on the computer in the first place and are looking at porn whilst in a daydream "trance" then this system might help you.

I based it on a tip from my favourite time management book: "Do It Tomorrow" by Mark Forster.

Before you turn on your computer write everything you need to do on to small post-it notes. Stick them to the top of your screen. As you do each job unpeel them and stick them on to another surface.

Not only do you get all your work done but you also get the satisfaction of seeing your list diminish and yet you still have a visual record of what you have accomplished. I find it very motivating and when I use it I am very productive and positive.

The added benefit is that I am less likely to procrastinate and watch porn sites.

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