Conserving sexual energy

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I just want to share a little tip, something I noticed this week.

Try using the phrase conserving sexual energy instead of abstinence or abstaining.

Abstinence implies suffering, sacrifice, pain, restraining from pleasure.

On the other hand, conserving sexual energy implies a lot of positive benefits, and it is way easier to motivate yourself to conserve sexual energy than it is to abstain.

Look at it as something sacred, something that has to be conserved for positive benefits and greater health.

Ancient texts have always recommended it.

I have removed the word abstinence from my vocabulary.

Try it.

Excellent point

I usually sidestep "abstinence," too, and for the same reasons. Another good phrase the Daoists use is "cultivation of sexual energy." That goes beyond "conservation," and suggests that you're growing something you can harvest for your benefit (and that of your partner). Even better. Smile

Good tip

It amazing how looking at a given from a different perspective can change our view of it and how we respond consciously and unconsciously to it. I know from perosonal experience that 'conserving sexual energy' can have a host of benefits- one of which is a lot more energy to do other stuff! ( thanks dr. Obvious , I know). But I state the obvious because many people on here haven't experienced this in a while and it can sure provide added motivation on ur way to controlling thisnunwanted habit. Anyway, great post.