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So, Last month, i have been M'ing without p0rn just like Marnia adviced. results were GREAT ! , i had WAY less withdrawal symptoms and felt great, and with daily exercising, i feel almost balanced again in 1 week! i could abstain much much longer by doing this. before, when i was watching p0rn while M'ing i could abstain 2 days max. But now i can reach 1 week with ease. Also, avoid thinking of anything sexual while M'ing, Because its just the same as watching p0rn. Hope this helps.

question : ever since i started M'ing my hand always shake(twitch), as im near recovery, it doesnt twitch like it did before. Will it go away once im recovered ? will there be any permanent damage ?

Lucky you

Some people have to forego climax entirely for a time...or they get dragged back into escalation right away again. I'm glad you're seeing benefits. And that you can avoid the fantasy that can be just as stimulating as porn.

About the shaking...I'm not an expert. It's true that patients with Parkinsons who permanently shake, do so because of insufficient dopamine. So shaking could well be a temporary symptom associated with those temporary "low dopamine" feelings that are normal during recovery (and which are probably behind the worst of the withdrawal symptoms of all kinds).

If you already notice improvements, then I think you're answering your own question. Smile

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