Edging, Is it too much of a good thing?

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I have been experimenting with coming to the edge of an orgasm and then backing off. I find that I have more energy. Perhaps it also relaxes some anxiety over losing erectile fundtion. I had my prostate removed 2 years ago, and suffered from some temporary E. D. I also take an SSRI to treat depression. The side effect is finding orgasm difficult, so i have become more confident in edgeing. I guess all of us have particular issues, and mine may be more particular than others.

Mr. Mark

Based on my experience, I

Based on my experience, I would not suggest edging. I've done this before and quickly found myself out of control and relapse the following day. Eventually there is a point of no return and that pull is too strong. Edging can lead wanting more sensory experiences. I do touch my penis from time to time but I never come close to orgasm nor is it ever for a long duration. Ultimately you will know what's best for you and whether you can control your urges. It's a matter of trial and error. From my experience I've had more errors.

As well, consider this, if you continue to edge you are strengthening your neuroplasticity for orgasm which is probably why you feel this rush. I used to do the same thing because I found myself without pmo dull. But be patient and ride it out, your libido will kick in eventually.


Thank you for the responses.
I do not have a partner. I continue to seek out a girl friend through Ballroom dancing, my new hobby. However I have lost a basic confidence, and fear intimacy because of my assumtions about the expectations of most women.
I am afraid of lossing erectile function if I do not get it up about once every other day. However; Do I want to be free of my addiction to Porn? Perhaps I need to let go of my fears.
The stimulation is getting very high, and yet I have not orgasmed for over a month. I have the help of a SSRI, Cetalepram, that has left me almost anorgasmic. About two years ago I broke up with a woman I was intimate with because I could not orgasm during intercorse with her. She was not upset but questioned herself and my desire for her. Making love with an orgasm goal is more like work. There was more to our break up than just sex. However I think it was apart of it.
My orgasms are different: I have no prostate and have no semen. They are dry. No fuss, no Muss. My penis looks like a barking dog with no vocal cords. Lol.
I need to make a choice.
Reading over my comment, I can see that it has a quality of an excuse. Somehow I think I have a special burden. However I sense that I kidding myself. What do others think?

[I am afraid of lossing

[quote=mrmark175][quote]I am afraid of lossing erectile function if I do not get it up about once every other day[/quote]

I think what you will find is that opposite holds true.

I've taken SSRI's before and this is a big part of why you are having trouble getting it up. I'm not sure what other issues you may have and why you are taking the SSRI but if you can take that out of your life or reduce the amount, your erections will improve.

What is it that you fear about giving up porn?

I can see how

you would fear passing up erections for a time. There's a lot of "use it or lose it" advice out there. Unfortunately, it seems you really have to lay off the porn (or any other extreme stimulation) for 6-8 weeks (as best we can tell based on people's experiments so far) to find normal stimuli arousing again.

That's quite a conundrum. I know porn is the *easiest* way to produce an erection, because you can always keep clicking to something new or more extreme until you succeed. But what about experimenting with other ways to produce erections that *don't* involve extreme stimuli? For example, yogis used to do it with intense feelings of devotion, plus (sometimes) some manual stimulation. I just give that as an example. Maybe you could invent a female "deity" (preferably not too erotic Wink ) and experiment with some of those techniques. See:
Solo Practices

The less extreme the stimuli you use to cause therapeutic erections, the more likely you are to find us normal goddesses Smile arousing.

And no need to avoid us until you're meeting your own standards for erections. Our very presence can help. Besides, there are women out there who would really benefit from your caring attention AND a long time-out from some of their own sexual rat races. Some of them even know it. Smile

edging experiment's Results

I have found that Edging with pornography has not been a successful practice. I returned to compulsive use of the internet and have orgasmed to the images. I have to begin again to detox, and stop using the internet.
Thank you all for your advice.


Sorry it didn't work out

It took us a while to realize that today's porn IS the addiction here, because of the dopamine released with the hunting, novelty and "kinkier" factors. Glad you figured it out. Figuring out a balance is very tough where "superstimli" are in the picture. (That is, stimulation that is "abnormally intense" to our brians.) The "all things in moderation" rule just isn't easy to apply with things that register as so valuable that the brain trips its "binge trigger." See "Intoxicating Behaviors: 300 Vaginas = A Lot of Dopamine"

If you have a partner, you might want to try a whole different path to greater satisfaction: http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/cupids-poisoned-arrow/200909/the-laz...


300 vaginas? Sounds like something out of Sigmund Freud's grotesque nightmares... all he's gotta do is add some teeth, and he's all set. o_O


Edging is not helpful. When in doubt, think about what your ancestors might have done in a less stressful, less stimulating environment.