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I must tell you about a technique my wife of 25 years and I came up with about 14 years ago. We were busy busy and having sex maybe once every 6 to 8 weeks even though we slept together every night. This was not good for our marriage as I was an every three days guy and my wife was happy with once a month. At the time we were 36 and 39 but our frequency felt like we were 80. I asked my wife, "What will it be like when we really are 80?" We agreed that an hour long lovemaking session every three days before bedtime was not realistic. But, 5 minutes of intimate full frontal contact every morning would help bridge us to the next love making session and keep us from becoming strangers in our own bed. IT WORKS GREAT ! We call it "Bare Naked Hugging" and it happens every morning after my wife gets out of the shower and is on her way to the closet. She slips back into bed and she smells and feels fabulous. By the end of the week I feel like we have made love 7 times. This has only lead to a quickie maybe 4 times in 14 years so it's not just some guy ploy, but it sure keeps me horny for my dear wife. On Saturday or Sunday morning, when there's more time things often progress to full lovemaking, but hey, we're not strangers. We are lovers. Our 25th anniversary weekend was like a three day honeymoon. -Titan

Yes, saw article...

...it inspired my forum post, it's the first time I have told anyone about Bare Naked Hugging. We also have a variation called Bare Naked Debate. If the subject is going to make for a heated debate (argument) you get your clothes off, get horizontal, get your arms around each other and you Just try to have a heated argument. It won't happen. The hardest part is getting naked before you start debating, but you're usually laughing too much to notice. -Titan


I love bare naked debating. We should have our politicians do it. Seriously though, I want to get back together with my ex or just find a random girl, maybe pay a hooker to have a naked debate.

love it