A couple of thoughts surrounding porn abstinence

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Hi. I would like to add some thoughts about my experience on porn withdrawal. I`ve been staying away from porn for a good month now and some days are easier than others. When i find myself bored after work it`s really hard to abstain from porn. And in my deepest thoughts i`m actually telling myself that it will be even better to masturbate to porn if i am able to withdraw for a long time. At the same time i know this is wrong and i really don`t want to fool myself like this!

So basically it`s a fight between good and bad going on in my brain. It`s very hard to control or ignore the desire at times. I just have to break through from the compulsive thoughts, but i`m afraid a relapse will come sooner than later, and the whole guilt/shame process begins again.

Every day without porn gives a growing feeling of satisfaction, but it also makes the downside even worse should it reoccur...
The control porn has over you is so scary and powerful.
One thought that has helped me get over porn (at least for some time) is to think i will not let women i don't know gain power over my own life.
There`s so many beautiful looking women out there and on the net that uses their sexuality to gain control over men. Makes us looks like pathetic weak fools and i`m so tired of it.
It really gives them the upper hand without deserving it! I`m very competitive, so trying to use this to my advantage.

I`m happy to receive other peoples thought about this.
Thanks for reading!

My thought

is gratitude for your thoughts. Smile Start a blog if you like. The process of leaving porn behind can be challenging, but every bit of success is worth celebrating and sharing.

I guess I'd also say that it's not the women who are exerting control over your mind. It's their "handlers," that is, the porn makers and the TV ad sellers who have turned TV in to soft porn so you stay tuned. They are the ones manipulating you for their ends, and the ones making the most money.