Recovery time

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will "edging" prolong the recovery time? I am talking about masturbating without orgasm, but very close to it. I guess its bad because its creates dopamine right? and other chemicals in the brain that is similar to what u have during addictions?

Is it 2 months that is considered normal revocery time?
How can I feel that I have recovered? And will I notcie anything?

Been porn free 8-9 months now. and ejaculation free for about 1 month now.

what are your symptoms

I guess it depends what your symptoms are and what you define as recovery. That's a good starting place. Congrats on getting out of the porn web. I had problems well before porn, but got addicted to porn once a week, and it took me 5 years to break that weekly habit.

Sounds like you're doing great

but, as you know, stopping porn is ideally just a starting point. The real goal is fruitful interactions with others. What are you doing to move forward in that area?

Dopamine isn't "bad, " but revving up can leave you increasingly dissatisfied...I'm sorry to say. Let us know what you notice as you experiment.

*big hug*

In the same situation

Well I'm in the same situation where I get to the "Edge" and stop but I notice that if I do that then that tempts me even more and eventually it leads me down a spiraling road to failure. I think that it should be completely avoided for a full recovery.