2 Months?

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I hear every where that the body/brain will need "roughly" about 6-8 weeks to recover and get into a harmonious balance. Is that true or will it take longer than 2 months?


It varies for everyone.

It varies for everyone. Recovery isn't linear, for you it could be shorter, or a few months longer, it all depends on you. The average is 6 weeks for most people, but I suppose lifestyle and things like that could possibly affect it. I've noticed in various posts that friendly interaction with other people, exercise and a decent diet can hasten the recovery period a bit. Marnia can explain it better, she's helped me out a lot and really explained most of this stuff to me, try reading over some of her posts :)

I guess

there's one way to find out. Wink I know it's hard to stay motivated for such a long time, especially as everyone IS different. However, in general, there are two major turning points in recovery. One is at about two weeks; the other is at 6-8 weeks.

That said, there are some really good days that kick in before that, so enjoy them. Just don't let the lows discourage you.

And remember, you don't have to sit around being miserable. Learn the things that make you feel better when you're down. They're great skills to have at your finger tips for the rest of your life. http://www.reuniting.info/node/4501

The goal is improved neurochemical balance. You can work on that from two angles. 1) Allow your brain to return to its normal sensitivity by not pounding it with hyperstimulating vids, and 2) Regulate your mood with socializing, exercise, etc., etc.

Thanks for the tips Marnia

Thanks for the tips Marnia but I'm going to assume a wet dream will throw me out of that "recovery" journey. I had one several weeks ago which resulted me "sadly to say" binge. Anyways, this time around my goal is to move onwards even if a wet dream occurs. My goal is 2 months and possibly even more depending on how I feel. Any thoughts on wet dreams and how they effect the person's journey to recovery?

This question comes up a lot

and people's experiences are not all the same. Some people notice neurochemical ripples after wet dreams, which can affect mood and productivity, and weaken determination (as happened to you). So those are normal. Be gentle with yourself.

On the other hand, other people notice nothing after a wet dream. It may be that the situation shifts as you return to balance. What is problematic early on is no big deal down the road.

Remember, should you relapse, do your best to stick to masturbation without porn or porn fantasy. The reason is that you want to avoid intense neurochemical highs, if possible. Today's Internet porn, just by virtue of its constant novelty and vividness, always constitutes extreme stimulation regardless of content. As my husband says, "you can see more hot babes, or whatever gets you going, in an afternoon, than your ancestors saw in a lifetime." That's excessive stimulation! Smile


points here.. I recall reading somewhere that a "dream orgasm" is your brain/bodies NATURAL way of emptying the reservior. Like the nose runs to remove congestion of the sinuses... And that once this begins to happen your body is on its way to balance, natural balance. :) this is good news Men...
I personally like the wet dream theme. The women are always soo nice to me:) No sluts, just women my subconscious finds attractive...

Yes, messy/sticky indeed, but anything to achieve a natural balance between me body and brain.. I'm all in...

I have'nt jerked in a week and I already FEEL my balls filling back up with Man-power juice... Yeeeeahhh LOL Just today I "tested" the waters and looked at some "bikini" pics... Nothing wack worthy but just to ease my mind a little.. Ohhhh Daddy felt the buzz! A natural buzz, a "slight" erection, without MY help:) , then I turned it off immediately! Mission complete! I'm almost back...

Keep up the good work Men...

..planet Earth. was my place of birth. born to be the soul controller. of the universe..