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Hi folks - new member here. My brief story and gameplan.

Took Celexa for 3 years from 2001-2004 for moderate depression/anxiety. Stopped taking it due to sexual dysfunction (in a relationship at the time). My libido never came back, the relationship ended..and I turned to porn thinking it would help me recover. Long story short - eventually I realized it was causing more harm than good and I found this forum.

I'm 34 and in phenomenal health so it's definitely frustrating as I feel I'm desirable to women..too bad I don't have the desire.

I've decided to abstain from porn indefinitely (hopefully permanently) and masturbation for a period of 3 months. I don't plan on touching myself at all except in the shower or if I have an itch. I'm also planning on being more social, I'm going to try to meet women through that will help to ignite things a bit.

I made this decision on 10/29 so I'm on my 9th day. So far so good, but my libido appears to have gotten's really hit rock bottom. Does anyone have any comments on this? I hope this is normal.

Thanks for reading - I can tell you I'm very determined to stick this out.


Yep, it's normal

Have a look at these links. As the brain comes back to normal, it often first goes through a profound slump. People experience this different ways. It's a withdrawal period in effect. It's as if you've been "juicing" with porn, and now your brain has to get busy and make its own "juice." That can take a while. It seems that with ED, it takes weeks before you notice a big improvement.

You're enabled to blog.

It's hard

to be patient when you "don't feel right." But, truly, this brain balance issue requires time, above all.

Doesn't sound like you're suffering too much in terms of major "brain worms," but if something comes up, check with Uncle Bob, or the rest of the porn wiki. There are ideas of how to feel better while you're waiting in there, too.

*big hug*