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Thank you for your excellent site. It has really opened my eyes. I thought I would share some tips I have come across about dealing with sexual energy.

THE site alchemicaltaoism.com has a lot of usefull tips on dealing with sexual energy, be it sublimating it without arousing it first or finding balance for those who do have sex but with some form of orgasm, particulary male multiple orgasm.

Especially the technique called Turtle breathing has shown itself to be remarkalby effective at sublimating sexual energy. You can find it on the page I linked to but you can also find further discusiion of it in Trunks personal practice forum on thetaobums.com.

ANotehr gem of a technique is Biels fire and water technique. Here you draw energy from the heart to the genitals and from the genitals to the heart. THis has the effect of cooling of the need for sexual release somewhat and also feels balancing for both the sexual centers and the heart. It is very plasurable to do. I am thinking this technique could be especially benefical for those who practice Karezza but have an accidental orgasmic slip now and then. By doing this technique I think it is possible to remove the orgasmic hangover to a large degree. See, this technique has been used by people who practiced chia style multiple orgasms in order not to overheat and get unbalanced. As it is higly successfull in oding that it should be able to do a lot in terms of balancing out the effects of one orgasm. Maybe not enitrely but it would be interesting to see what results people get with this.

The inner smile meditation can also be used for this puspose to some extent. It brings heart energy to wherever you choose in the body and you can use it to blend aggitated sexual energy circulating in the body with heart energy thus balancing it and "cooling it off".

This technique is great for singel men to get more yin energy:


I think the article is

I think the article is mostly right. I have read it before several times and that perspective is a large part of the reason I am gratefull for this site. The fact that many who practices Chia style multiple orgasms seem to need the type fo techniques I mentioned to stay balanced while those who practice karezza do not is to me evidence that the "flavour" of the karezza energy is the "correct one". At least the most beneficial. I have heard other people say also that in tantra the energy needs to remain quite cool for it to be beneficial although it seems clear that a large part of the tantric community have not understood that.

That being said I know that there are many who practice chia style multiple orgasms to great benefit, however I belive they are usually dependent on having non arroused practices on the side to keep balance. As long as those practices maintain balance the mulitple orgasms without ejaculation leads to energy buildup. It also seems to me that many who practice this style are in fact practicing something very close to karezza. Michale Winn for example says he has practiced Karezza for 20 years so he knows what keeping the energy out of the red zone means. He also practices much more complicated sexual alchemy derived largely from chia and says that to him karezza is a good place to begin but that you can go much furhter with such advanced practices. Also my own teacher which has learned from chia has practiced in a style closely resembling Diane Richardson but prefers to use more of the taoist techniques. He also speaks of soul orgasms and he reports the same benefits that karezza people report and none of the problems many chia people report however that is likely in part becuase he has a very advanced meditation and qigong practice as well. When I asked him about this site he said that it is your degree of awareness that transforms the energy not how still you are and that the more you are able to surrender and the stronger you are albe to love the more the energy is moved up and transformed regardless of how slow or fast you move. If you add in techniques to move energy up and you are able to do these in a yin enough way you get about the same even though you are having orgasms. He also said that what matters is not what state the energy is in at any given point during sex but where it ends. He said that he can have energy be quite hot and steamy but in the end bring it to the heart and make all of it transform into heart energy if he wants to thus avoiding hangovers. He agreed that most people probably do not have either the level of awareness to transform the energy unless they remain very still nor the ability to move and blend energy that he has so that they can transform energy in the end. Still he seemed to think that what he does is get a lot of the karezza effect but probably have some of the hotter hangover effects added in and he said he prefered this and found it more balanced to maintain some of that dynamic in the relationship in addition to the karezza dynamic.

Personally I am not sure about any of this and I don`t think I will be untill I have systematicly tried out all the different options over a long time period which is what I plan on eventually doing. I feel like I would very much like to keep some of the more vigorous and animalistic sex but if it turns out that this is not possible while avoiding hangovers than I am more than happy to sacrifice this for the benefits of stable love and attraction. I do think that all the things that people seek from non karezza sex such as the pleasure of good sex and the surrender from BDSM and the extreeme feeling of incarnating yin and yang a dom and a sub can have can be found in sacred sex at a more subtle and more profound and deeper level and in a more energetic way. I think the reason so many women likes to be dominated in bed is because it makes them feel very yin and makes them feel the man as being very yang but they can find this in a more powerfull way that is also relaxed within sacred sex. So from that perspective I don`t feel like I would loose much from doing pure karezza and only that. However, THere might still be something to the more ordinary sex I might miss, I am not sure.

Someone said on this forum that the best sexual experiences she had were ones that incorporated a balance between some more movement and actice periods mixed with very still and gentle periods. My gut feeling is that this would be right for me also. However, what I would then think of as active periods would still be very slow and gentle compared to how most people have sex a lot of the time just somewhat more active than the typical karezza and then follow that with complete stilness. I find that in my practice of yoga, qigong and meditation such alterations between stillness and movement gives me the most balance. But it is clear to me that if I ever have to choose between having a realtionship with no dopmain hangovers and adding in some more active stuff I will always choose no hangovers. But I am young and single and happy about being single and plan to remain in fertilization mode for the next few years just having fun. I don`t really care if it is more balanced and healthy for me to have karezza style sex and avoid orgasms as much as possible when I am single. I can be more than balanced and happy enough despite that and feel that now is the time to just have hedonistic fun. I also think I want to remain in fertilization move for the first year or two after I get a girlfriend as it seems to me that the natural unfolding is that one starts with the mad obsessive crush and after a year or two toghether that starts to move in the direction of a bonding based realtionship and that is the time to do karezza. I know you say it is harder to get into at that point but I think because of my cultivation practice this will be fairly easy for me and it has been my experience that women will follow my lead in bed. Also every single woman I have explained karezza to has gotten the point and said that they would like to practice it with a boyfriend. As they get the point straight away I think it won`t be so hard to keep the motivation of a girlfriend up. I think the way society is changing with more people into or curious about yoga etc. these ideas arent`t that hard of a sell anymore. Or I have just been lucky to meet opened minded people.

Thanks for taking the time

to share all this. There's a lot of wisdom here.

I'm sure your teachers are right that ultimately the ability to move and transform the energy into the heart is the key. Yet, it can take time for that to happen, and it may be that karezza is a fairly simple, and not-so-hazardous, way to allow that process to unfold. (I'm not discounting the benefits of Qi Gong, and sexual alchemy practices other than karezza either, mind you.)

Anyway, I'm sure you'll find your way. Experiments are definitely the way to go, but it helps to have a road map. Sounds like you have an excellent one. Smile