Exhibitionist couples?

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Hi. My name is Lindsey Savino and I am outreaching for a a medical series on TLC. The series, now entering its second season, highlights unique sexual conditions and lifestyles, with a goal of educating the viewer and shedding light on little understood (or misunderstood), real-life conditions or situations.

We are currently seeking an exhibitionist couple who would be willing to share their story on camera as an episode in our series. In return for their time, participants are financially compensated.

Each episode is told in a respectful and sensitive manner. In fact, no narration is used -- instead, the stories are told in the words of the people who have gone through the experience.

If you and your partner are interested in participating in the show or have any questions, please contact me at lsavino@sirensmedia.com.

Many thanks for your consideration.

Lindsey Savino
Casting Producer

yeah, of course

"Each episode is told in a respectful and sensitive manner."

this is always true of lines the tv is pushing. trying to sound like they are down or something. would they be "respectful" and "sensitive" of Marnia'a ideas or those of anybody here?