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So I'll probably have my first opportunity try Karezza out pretty soon. Question...in my entire sexual history with a partner, I've had to rely on fantasy and concentration to maintain an erection. Just so that I'm clear on what to expect, is it fair to say that when I'm totally rebooted that the erection will just show up on its own and that I can focus simply on the sensations?

I'm a newbie at this...just askin - J


My guy is basically a newbie to all this, too, and he says he loves that he does not have to *think* about getting an erection--because it doesn't matter if he has one or not! We can always connect whether he is soft or hard.

If you can remember to relax and be "conscious," meaning, totally focused on the feelings you are getting at the very moment you are getting them--and don't allow your mind to stray to anything other than the here and now--you will get so much more out of making love.

Once you are inside her, it's all good for both of you. The penis lying still inside the vagina is a wonderful thing!

Another thing that my lover says is a "first" for him is that he can now feel sensations along his entire shaft of his penis, not just the head. Apparently, that is a delightful thing for a man!

Don't expect it to be perfect the first time. It takes lots and lots of practice to get it right, lol~



Finding a partner is a wonderful thing.
I think they should have some education about karezza prior to intercourse. I also think if you are planning to bed this person; y'all been talking and sharing and bonding in lots of ways, so this person knows what karezza is and you're wanting to try it (whether are not you ever do it with them). We have all been wired to perform. I suffer from an unsatisfied mind that is always questioning. When my Izzy is not responding as I would like, I get real paranoid. If your partner is educated you may spare them some anxiety if you're not hard ("My gawd, he's not hard. He's not really into this/me. Does my breath smell? Did I say/do something wrong? Is my butt too big? He seemed to like me with my clothes on. Does he have a hang up? What should I do? He's not doing anything, what does he want?").
Be grateful for every moment, hard or not
Much love

Liberate your erection!

As another commenter suggested, the whole process is one of liberation and that includes our erections. We (men) seem to think that in order for women to enjoy being with us, our penises must be rock hard all the time, which is impossible. Like everything in life, erections come and go. This is a fact which we have to accept and be comfortable with. In actual fact, many women find great joy in a semi-erect penis! The more we try to keep our penis erect through evoking sexual fantasies and images, the less likely we are to succeed. Lovemaking is being here and now, otherwise we really can neither give nor receive and therefore unable to fully participate and enjoy the act. One suggestion that I have is to let your partner see, touch, fondle and enjoy all of you while your penis is flacid until you get comfortable with the idea that it's just fine as it is. Transcend any resistance to let her do this. Good luck and best wishes on liberating your erections...your love, and your Life.