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I´m part of a fledgling partnership and one of the first things I found by accident was Karezza and notes by J William Lloyd. The loveliness of his text spoke to me and I realised perhaps this was what I had always wanted. Don´t get me wrong, I love an orgasm but something else spoke to me. The wish to be accepted as I really am and could a partner really accept me and love me unconditionally?

I must admit to sending a link for this site to him and thought nothing more of it. We discussed the topic briefly and I thought nothing more of it. The ideal has struck such a cord with us. It is at the marrow of our couplings and movements. It feels very precious to us and because of it we both feel precious to each other. The magic is tangible, clear, pure and gentle.

I had flu and for the first time in my life I felt that I was understood. He stroked me for 2 hours as I drifted in and out of sleep and a rested waking state. Where the hours went I have no idea, but the comfort, safely and love I felt fills me with the greatest gratitude. My life I feel is transforming.


This post needs a little heart next to it Smile

So wonderful to hear your story and I hope we hear more from you...

I know what you mean about the time slipping away. Hours go by and time has no meaning. I used to be a person who couldn't wait to get sex over with so I could go back to what I was doing, lol~~no more!!