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As you know, we've created a new site to make it easier for the porn-afflicted to find helpful information to rebalance their brains. Gary has put an enormous amount of time into this effort, including creating the new slide show: http://yourbrainonporn.com/your-brain-on-porn-series

We would like for this information to be shared with as many sufferers as possible. Obviously, people don't usually say to their friends, "Hey! I've found this great site on porn recovery. Check it out!" This means helpful information is hard to spread to those who most need it.

However, I know many of you visit more than one forum. If you think this information would be helpful to others on those other forums, would you kindly mention it? The sooner people understand what they're dealing with, how evolution has molded them to be vulnerable to porn, and what rebooting is all about, the better.

We suggest you share the link to the presentation, but feel free to choose some other page from the new site if you prefer.

Already did~

I was allowed to mention it on the women's health and sex board I frequent (and they don't usually allow links)~~there are so many threads over there about partners more interested in porn than having sex with their mate. I hope some of them find their way over to your site!