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I'm new here.. I look forward to being involved on the site.. I know I'm an addict and I'm on a quest for sobriety. Today is day two. I know this will be really hard. I'm on my cell so I can't type as much as I'd like but I will soon. Only slight urges right now but I know the true tests are yet to come.

You're a brave man!

Congratulations on your progress. Be sure to visit our sister-site if you haven't. It has lots of gems of wisdom supplied by the folks here...and an excellent powerpoint presentation or two (by Gary). Wink

Start your own blog if you like.

*big hug*


Day 3-4 has always been hard for me. The real depression hit at 12-14 days. Anxiety, depression are signs that ya gotta get out and do something positive. Fasting, to learn to say "no", and to define one day as a day of not eating, helped me to then say, "I am no longer a man who seeks orgasm". With that new definition, porn became irrelevant. Is porn an issue for you? You didn't say what your sobriety would look like.
Hang on bro.

LOL. I also had this "no

LOL. I also had this "no longer a man who seeks orgasm" realization about the time that I experimented with fasting. It coincided with a good deal of abstinence, but came about when I happened to fast on a religious holiday, then talk about fasting with someone, and then revolved to try water fasting at a later date. Then, when water fasting, it felt really weird to be amongst the orgasm seekers. It even felt weird to be amongst food seekers, but I was careful to keep that under control by explaining to myself that I do have to eat. There is something to no orgasms or food together. Everyone should try this. You've got nothing to lose, but a few pounds. Mutual fasting karezza is my new benchmark.

Beware the Breath of Ketosis

For most men, a 3 day water fast will switch them over to full ketosis - that is moving from glycogen stores to breaking down down fat stores for the energy needed to fuel your brain, and the rest of your body. The ketones are exhaled through your lungs and do not smell pleasant at all. For most women, this happens during full second day in a water fast.


I have ketosis strips

I have ketosis strips somewhere, but I didn't test myself this time. I should probably buy new ones as they have a limited shelf life. My breath was still fine at 4.5 days. I was surprised as I was looking for breath changes. I'm not sure what that means. I did drink a lot of water. I would think I had to be in ketosis by that time, but maybe not. I can't recall what I did about brushing my teeth...I think toothbrush, but no toothpaste.

Day seven and going

Day seven and going strong..
What is helping, hmm.. I keep a journal every night. I am also a big fitness guy and I saw my energy and quality of life had been in the toilet for way too long. Yes porn has been a huge issue for me but I never saw how it was my excessive orgasms that were killing me. That connection brought everything together. On a slow day I'd have two or three orgasms.. Average probably around four. Any given weekend maybe six to ten a day.. Truly as many as I could find time for.
My libido is just fine. I wish I could type more information but I'm on a cell phone. I don't have home internet access by design. I'll head to the library soon so I can be more thorough.


that's already helpful. Yes, journaling can be very helpful in keeping track of insights and making connections. Always good to remind everyone here of that.