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Should we be concerned that the Richardsons (Diana and Michael) are disciples of the spiritual master Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh)? I have personally benefitted from following some of their teachings, but it troubles me that Osho seemed to have difficulty living in harmony with other members of society.


I'm no Osho expert, but my thought is, "Take what you can use and leave the rest." It's obvious that he wasn't completely in balance...what with the car collection and so forth. But I think much of what he taught about non-goal-oriented lovemaking was sound.

Ultimately, however, he was, like most true tantra, about *individual* enlightenment, via meditation. As best I can tell, sex was kind of an aside. His advice about sex was, in a sense, to help people avoid having sex cause so much chaos and rotten karma that it got in the way of their spiritual quest. He could see it was doing just that, so he encouraged people to make love in this gentler way without the goal of orgasm. But I don't think he ever thought the path of relationship could really be the ultimate path to wholeness. And I don't think he had a single life partner himself.

This is a sticky question, and one that I too pondered.

But I think you can best judge their teachings by how well it works or resonates for you, and if any of the things they suggest to do make you very uncomfortable, do not do them. They do not ask that you blindly follow anything, anymore than Marnia does.

Who amongst us lives in harmony with all members of society? Can you name someone?

Other than our Beloved Marnia, of course! As far as we know, she's never argued with anyone, and never had any difficulties in her relationships with others. }:)



I am unconcerned about the Richardsons' connection to Osho, although I know that others are concerned. Some will simply dismiss what the Richardsons teach because of their connection to Osho.
What they have offered me through their books, however, is very valuable. As a result, I believe that the Richardsons themselves have separated most or all of the wheat from the chaff in the teachings they received. Making this kind of discrimination is what we each need to do. It is also what, in fact, we do do on a daily basis whether or not we realize it.

"Adopt the pace of nature; her secret is patience."
~Ralph Waldo Emerson



It is also what, in fact, we do do on a daily basis whether or not we realize it.


You are such a wise owl! Beautiful~~and I agree!


Rajneesh wrote

a lot of stuff....rather, a lot of his lectures were recorded.
My brother-in-law came to Buddhism, and is now a meditation teacher, after reading Osho's (he says brilliant) analysis of a Buddhist text. My BIL hung with the Neeshes for a couple of months and moved on.
I'm with Cinderella, try the shoe on, if it fits, your divinity will be revealed...but don't do like her sisters and cut off your heel or a toe to try and make it work.
Having said that....what a tremendous effort it takes to give up the goal of hot sex and orgasm. I have perservered because when I got to this website the information resonated so nicely. The shoe fit; I just kept losing it. Thank y'all