Interesting fact, the very way we get porn is harmful (TV and computer screen)...

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After reading a lot of material on this I decided to post a topic here. Since what I'm going to write, is not only assumptions but proven facts by scientists, psychologists, neurologists, I think it's important to know it.

Harmful effects of TV and computers are especially valid in early age when children are still developing.

Important and useful articles to read :

You can just write ,,TV effect/s on brain,, and you'll see many articles. Consider the information valid for computer screens as well.

This is excerpt from one the first article :

The human brain works at 4 basic frequencies. These are Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta.

Beta waves are produced when one is thinking and using one’s higher faculties and Delta is associated with sleep and/or deep trance like states. The radiant light and flicker rates of TV cause the brain to drop down to a level of activity somewhere between Alpha and Theta – essentially a sleepy dreamlike state of mind where the higher critical functions are turned off. Even if you’re reading text on a television screen the brain registers low levels of Alpha wave activity. Theta brainwaves engage inner and intuitive subconscious. You will find theta in places where you hold memories, sensations and emotions Any information therefore imbibed from the TV by-passes our logical, critically thinking sieve and goes straight into those sub areas of the mind associated with more emotive response. TV then appeals more to the emotions than the mind and of course how many of us engage in lively informed debate anymore? Very few. The more common reaction to big questions is usually an emotive response followed by a quick change in subject. TV viewing is a somatic experience which means it is “of the body, not of the mind”. I’m reminded of Huxley’s book, ”Brave New World” where the drug of choice was called soma and enabled people to escape un-palatable intellectual life problems.


The above information is also valid for computer screens, no matter if, CRT, LCD, TFT etc, there is a radiant light.
Beta waves are usually associated with the activities of the left brain hemisphere, sorting information, filtering, critical thinking processes, some types of memory, etc. Basically on the second minute we are in front of a computer screen or TV, our brain has reduced beta waves and increased alpha waves (also called , hypnotic waves) , thus our brain has reduced, numbed left hemisphere functions. This allows for the information to be absorbed in a very different way than we normally would absorb it. It goes straight in your brain without much filtering, influences your subconscious, emotions and reprograms your brain. As far as I read, the time required for the Beta Waves to return to normal levels is around 24 hours, without any television or computer.
So, if a child is watching porn, do you see the multiple damage? Porn + Radiant Light and flicker that affects many critical brain functions.
Thus porn is few times more effective and damaging on the brain than it should be and it reprograms it quite easily, it gets into our subconscious mind, namely because of this. This also directly effects the behavior of children and their forming personality. Imagine what the brain of a kid who started with porn at 10 and continued until 20 will look like?

In adults the effect may be not so damaging, but it's still there and harms the brain even when all the functions are developed already, it just numbs them.

Pretty smart then to add

Pretty smart then to add color screens to music players. What about e-ink based screens on items such as ebook readers?

This could be a good thing for those trying to quit as their own brain can't reject the concepts that support quiting. I wonder if AA or prisons or other types of entities have experimented with manipulating this sort of subliminal messaging. We're only just getting the very early age computer users. I didn't have home access to a color TV until about age 8 and a computer until about 12. I've never liked TV as much as the computer. I don't think that has anything to do with porn, but more to do with that I can control, select, and create the content on the computer. Even after all these years I'm in another world mentally when away from the screens for a while. And when I stop in to check email it feels a little weird.

This also highlights a fundamental difference between digital porn and magazines. Maybe magazines were not so bad after all. I wonder if magazines could be used in a way to rewire for some people.

Thanks for sharing...

I really need to find another way to fill my time, I guess. Wink

Add to all this, the radiation from wireless keyboards, mice, laptops, printers...and we're really in a swamp. After seeing the movie "Full Signal," we turned off our wireless, but many don't have that option.

Oh well, I guess we just have to continue to strengthen ourselves from within.


All electrical devices that use AC or which are designed to run at a 'frequency' emit EMF. Cell phones, computers of any kind, (except the abacus, and slide rulers), cars (especially electric ones), electric lights (especially fluorescent ones), motors (fridge, freezer, washer, dryer, shaver, vacuum cleaner, mixer, fans, etc), power pole transformers, cell towers - we are surrounded in an ever increasing bath of EMF

There's also the constant, unrelenting radio frequency background noise from space.

We would need to live in a Faraday cage to avoid it.


Maybe you could get your library

to order it. We saw it at a local chiropractor's center. He and some neighboring businesses were trying to stop an ATT tower from being placed on a neighboring business. There was a huge fight, and only on the second appeal did the City of Ashland do the right thing. We're a weird town, though. No MacDonalds. Smile

The creepy thing is that the phone companies got the law written to exclude any objections based on health concerns. Doesn't that seem that it *may* not be in the public interest?


Really, have you felt anything negative with TV whatsoever, before reading all these articles?
Because I did feel the effects when I still didn't know any information, after that everything was explained.

Worst is that radiant light of TV, computer screen, basically activates the limbic brain and shuts down other critical functions.

(excerpt from the article)
It is interesting to note that the lower/reptile/limbic brain correlates to the bio-survival circuit of the Leary /Wilson 8 Circuit Model of Consciousness. This is our primal circuit, the base "presence" that we normally associate with consciousness. This is the circuit where we receive our first neurological imprint (the oral imprint), which conditions us to advance toward anything warm, pleasurable and/or protective in the environment. The bio-survival circuit is our most infantile, our most primal way of dealing with reality.

A person obsessed with the pursuit of physical pleasure is probably fixated on this circuit; in fact the Freudians believed an opium addiction was an attempt to return to the womb. We could logically deduce that such addictions occur when higher brain functions are anesthetized and the newly dominant lower brain seeks out pleasure at any cost. Taking this into account, television is like a double edged sword: not only does it cause the endocrine system to release the body's natural opiates (endorphins), but it also concentrates neurological activity in the lower brain regions where we are motivated by nothing but the pursuit of pleasure. Television produces highly functional, mobile "bio-survival robots."

This information, combined with porn makes me shiver. If I'm interpreting this correctly, when we watch porn for let's say 1-2 hours, we are being extra motivated to pursue physical pleasure.

I watched a lot in high school

but then quit for good when I hit college and never started again. Now, if I'm around it, I quickly find it annoying. I don't even like it on in the house. Sometimes Gary watches sports, and I definitely notice a shift in his energy. Hard to describe, but he just doesn't seem like himself.