♥Learning the Magic of Karezza

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This Wednesday will be FOUR WEEKS WITHOUT ORGASM for BOTH my Fiancee and I. This book came to me as a total Godsend. I've been looking for answers to my questions of sexual addiction and relationships for so long now. I've been in counseling for many years for what I was told is a bi-polar like mood disorder (and am on a once daily medication for it) as well as for issues around sexual abuse as a child which turned into a sort of sexual addiction.

I've read C.P.A. and she is going to next but she already understands what is happening just by seeing the changes in my behavior and in my moods as well as her behavior and moods. Both of us can see the changes in our experiences together. We're more patient with each other. Bonding behaviors seem to come naturally and effortlessly from both of us, especially from me (who used to feel like I needed sexual motivation for such behaviors). We feel like we're in love ALL OF THE TIME instead of most of the time. When we do make love, it's fulfilling, deep, slow and blissful. And we're still such amateurs at this! We still "flirt with orgasm" when we make love and I'm still getting over my habitual masturbation but neither one of us has gone over the edge, not even me, who has been known to waste an entire day masturbating with or without porn.

I would love to hear from other couples who are moving through this together and what their experiences might be.

Congratulation! Its so

Congratulation! Its so wonderful to hear you have both embarked on the journey of non-orgasmic lovemaking, and that you are on board together. You have a great support community here and having others to share with can make a real difference.

From my observations, back at our beginnings, its a slow steady process that takes time, lots of it. You just feel your way and we're all different as to how it looks. Just sticking with it is the key in my opinion. Being on board together is your biggest assets, you're both lucky.