Im 2 and a half months without PMO (75 days)

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Hey everyone I havent blogged anything for a while, mainly because Im cutting down on Internet. Okay so my progress so far, Im happy to report Im on my 11 th week. my journey so far. some of you might know that Ive locked down my own laptop at home meaning I have no access to it at all. If I need to go on the internet I use the public librarys and my sisters laptop. Ive stopped watching tv but I still listen to it faceing the other way. I still daily go for my nature walks and Ive started to research meditation.

After 8 and a half weeks the "constant thought and urge of going to the internet" went. It still floats around my mind but I can willingly concentrate on something else and also I can let it take over. This phrase is important "let it take over" because you still have urges from time to time, nothing big but you almost feel that the urge will win but I normally go for my walk and when I return my mind just concentrates on something else. whatever you have substituted your PMO with, always go to that if you think your getting the urge.

The things that trigger urges for me!
I read a book somewhere saying that what hardcore pornography is now is what softcore pornography was back in the days. I feel Tv has become the softcore pornography of the past

Music and Music Videos
These just "fire" you up, excite you and just change your moods, also I wont comment on the music videos, there is so much skin showing that it triggers urges.

To much skin showing
I keep my head down and if I come across to much skin I just try to look the other way. Yeah sure I feel like Im missing out lol but if you want to stop PMO you have to change your way of thinking and basically your lifestyle!

even walks helps here

About meditation books
Learn to meditate, find deep relaxation, relieve By FONTANA, David. This book I reccommended not only for addiction but just to enjoy life more.

Finally thankz everyone for your support, and I hope I have given something back to help others. If you want to stop PMO it wont be easy and I really believe that you have to limit or cut the access to internet in your room meaning that you shoudnt allow yourself to have a laptop of your own. maybe you can do it without this excess means but I defintly will fail without it, my last highest days of abstinence being 14 days. And be ready to say no to PMO on many occasions. but its worth it, only untill you have past the threshold of about 9 weeks will you feel at ease with yourself.

I wont be coming back to this site or any other site from now on, because I want to start fresh and I actually can say I dont mind in being alone with me and that I love me lol, maybe once you reach this stage, this is what is meant to happen. You have to let go of hanging on hmm

Peace and lets all start living from now on!!

natureheals 75 days, just a lifetime left to reach my goal :D :P

This is inspiring...

..I yesterday completed 1 month of no orgasm.. But in between, I just used to mbate w/o ejaculation to make sure that apparatus is working! Biggrin

I can relate with the display of skin.. actually, I have been watching regular series on the hulu (don't have tv)..and spend almost same amount of time on Internet..but fortunately haven't slipped so far.. I used to get strong urges in early days...these days they're still there, but not so strong, and by God's grace I am able to turn away before its too late...

Do you think I should just keep checking(without orgasm) if my apparatus is working ?

Thanks for posting... I love to listen to Buddha can listen to some samples on youtube..Chill Out music..

2 Months Sober from porn and enjoying every minute of that.
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