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I know that libido, sex drive, and hard erections return after quitting masturbation and going abstinent. But I am a 17 year old male, and I started masturbating at age 12, thats 5 years of hardcore masturbation. Nearly everyday. I remember thinking my penis was huge when I was 14/15 years old, I always thought I had a larger than normal penis.

Now at age 17, due to excessive masturbation, I feel like I have shrunk at least 2 inches! I was 6.5 inches erect at age 14, now I am only 5 inches fully erect to the max at age 17. I dont know what happened, whether I actually lost size or if masturbation interrupted penis growth between those ages, but I feel like if I didn't masturbate I would have been at least 7 inches at this age.

I know you guys are going to tell me that "size doesn't matter" and that I am "average" for my age etc. I know this, and I am not too worried about it, but if I were to stop masturbating completely cold turkey, would my penis grow back the 1-2 inches I may have lost? I can still get full erections so I dont think it is a erectile problem, its just I swear I feel like I have lost size due to excessive masturbation.

In truth your penis hasn't

In truth your penis hasn't decreased in size, its your erections that have decreased in strength.
Everyone reports increase in erection quality and strength after kicking the porn/masturbation.
I've experienced this myself during abstinence as well, it also becomes much more sensitive.

Abstain and see what happens, although I speculate if you avoid masturbation and porn for a month or two, you will
notice improvements.

Very good answer

I'm not a penis expert, but they don't shrink from masturbation, and certainly not from ages 14-17.

You have less blood in it, because your brain is less sensitive to dopamine. You have lost dopamine receptors in your brain due to overstimulation. Dopamine released in the brain attaches to dopamine receptors, which send messages (via oxytocin) down your spinal cord to the nerves that control erections.

If you have overstimulated your brain, the messages are weaker, and there is less blood in the penis.

Yes, it will. During my

Yes, it will. During my first abstinence attempt, there was a noticeable difference in size and firmness. I never even thought about this benefit until having sex after a time period without PM and recognizing the difference.