♥Resetting the Brain

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My wife and I both read the book and we were both amazed at just how much chemicals play a part in our sexuality. Since dopamine is so powerful and can cause problems when your brain is over stimulated we both decided to take eight weeks and reset our brains. Now I must say that I was addicted to porn and masturbation for almost twenty years so I know my brain was over-stimulated to the max. But during the past eight weeks my wife and I have been using several of the bonding methods from the book, minus the more sexual ones, and it has done wonders for us. I really believe that it has helped lower my cravings for dopamine. Instead I have been filled with oxytocin and it has felt great. So, is there any benefit in going longer than eight weeks? Will I continue to feel even better? My wife and I are going to start the three week exchanges, but we want to make sure we have given my brain enough time to reset. Thanks for any feedback.

Sounds to me,

like you're ready. Hope you enjoy the Exchanges.

It's fascinating that when you cut back on overstimulation, the need for stimulation drops to a more comfortable threshold, isn't it? The very opposite of what we've all been taught. And yet it's critical knowledge if we're going to maintain long-term relationships in relative contentment.

Let us know how it goes. I'll enable you to blog.

Marnia, Thanks for the fast


Thanks for the fast response. Also, I want to let you know that your book is amazing. My wife and I have learned so much and it has really helped our relationship. I look forward to experiencing the exchanges and will be happy to let you know how it goes.