Post orgamic repulsion

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I have a theoretical question: If for instance i am in a relationship with a partner with whom i don´t have sex with, but my partner has sex with somebody else, would her post orgasmic emotional roller coaster and repulsion affect me or just the guy she had sex with?

And in a relationship in which both have no sex at all with no one, if my partner would masturbate thinking of somebody else, that does that matter? Would there be any repulsion at all, and if so, just for the other guy or i would be included?

Thanks a lot, and specially thank you for the amazing and beautiful site you keep here :)


theoretical questions

Hmmm … I'm no expert, just an occasional visitor. My understanding of the Robinson-Wilson Theory of Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome is that it is an internal phenomenon primarily caused by the neurochemical state of the person who experienced the orgasm. Of course, such matters are never simple, more than ever when multiple partners are involved, and her emotional reaction to the experience could have a significant effect on her roller coaster.


We don't have a theory of Post-Orgasmic Illness Syndrome. POIS is a label applied to extreme symptoms, which certainly have more than one cause. (Our guess is that cyclical neurochemical changes, which are, to a degree, probably common to all of us, contribute to some POIS symptoms, but so do pharmaceuticals, genetics, and even, possibly, allergies as Waldinger claims.)

In other words, we don't equate the neurochemical changes that cause habituation between partners with POIS. POIS is severe enough to deserve the label "illness." It is a different animal (or a zoo of different animals). That said, karezza might be helpful to some POIS sufferers.

It seems like the one who is

It seems like the one who is cheating would still be projecting onto the partner they are not having sex with. Guys who have been cuckold report that their partners go through a period of blaming the man for different things in a way that sounds similar to projection. It probably wouldnt have the same dynamic as partner-partner upheaval, but Im sure it comes out in some pretty weird ways, especially if shame and guilt are involved. The main point is that HER chemistry is affected by the orgasm and that seems to jade anyone's vision. She probably comes home and belittles her little man.

If one way be better than another, that you may be sure is nature's way.