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Hey eveyone, I have been struggling with porn addiction for years now. I was looking to find a buddy who could hold me accountable and them to me. Anyone who is interested in looking for a friend to keep each other motivated and use as eachother's support, please let me know. I am a mid-20s gay male, addicted to porn, and worried I'll never be able to stop. Anyone who could help, it would be apppreciated! Thanks!

My heart goes out to you

When I read posts about porn addiction I become almost elated that I am not a male. I have looked at porn, usually when I am horny, but it inevitably makes me sad and grossed-out instead of titilated or satisfied. I hope that you do find a buddy to help you with your accountability.

I'm going to have to study Kerazza, for real...

...and not just get glimmers of it here on the website!

It sounds like the cure-all for darn near everything!

In the past several years whenever I had cramps, I'd masterbate with my massager and the cramps would be gone after a good orgasm. Now, having a partner, and learning about the brain chemistry of the orgasm hangover, I am much more inclined to NOT use the tool, to save my sexual energy for him. But he and I only get to see one another a couple of times a week, at best.

No need to apologize!

Penny, please, believe us on

please, believe us on this. You don't want to switch misery.

Menstrual cramps might be bad, but they are there only few days a month. And don't get worse with time. Porn is a self reinforcing feedback loop.

I will make this general, never switch a chronic, but stable illness with a chronic self reinforcing illness. That's just a bad idea.

I heard diet also helps with menstrual cramps. I think there is something in the Pitchford food bible: Healing with whole foods.
If not get a female healing tao instructor to teach you about massages to balance your hormonal system.

Hope this helps.