Cabergoline - Skipping the post orgasm hangover completely??

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Hello all,
I get post orgasm hangovers really bad. I dont like them, so I started to do research on how people like me could possibly alleviate the hangover process or skip it entirely. Anyways, I stumbled across a drug with some interesting effects on the human brain. Its called Cabergoline. Read below:

[quote]"Cabergoline is from the dopaminergic family of drugs that increase the level of dopamine and also decreases the levels of the hormone prolactin. Prolactin is the hormone secreted in women after giving birth and to enhance their lactation for breast feeding. However, prolactin has recently been shown to be an inhibitor to a healthy libido. But men can also suffer from prolactinoma (high levels of prolactin) leading to a lack of sex drive- as well as developing breasts, particularly as prolactin levels tend to increase for most men with age.

Recently it has been discovered that prolactin is released immediately after an ejaculation and may be part of the reason men like to go sleep after sex with no will for further love making.

Cabergoline has been proven to significantly decrease prolactin and in so doing increase the sex drive (libido) substantially. There have been reports of enhanced and multiple orgasms as well as stronger ejaculations.

Dr. Manfred Schedlowski, who was involved in this trial in Germany, said; “Cabergoline raised the libido to enable the male to orgasm again more quickly. We saw that prolactin rises after orgasm and then thought that maybe prolactin is a negative feedback system. Our subjects who took cabergoline had decreased prolactin levels and reported their orgasm was better and there was a shorter refractory period.”

Dr. Schedlowski went on to say; "We interviewed the subjects and found they were able to have multiple orgasms in very rapid succession. This is sitting very nicely with our hypothesis that orgasms and sexual drive are steered by prolactin and dopamine in the brain."

Furthermore, cabergoline had no side effects on men during the tests; this was reported in an article for the International Journal of Impotence Research. The researchers now plan to carry out trials to investigate whether cabergoline will have the same effect on women. [/quote]

So they appear to be touting this drug as a sex enhancer to help you achieve orgasm again and again. However, thats not what entices me about this drug. We all should now know that dopamine drops dramatically and prolactin rises dramatically after orgasm. From Marnia's book it states that low dopamine is responsible for the following symptoms:
Inability to love
Low libido
Erectile dysfunction
Anhedonia (no pleasure)
Lack of ambition
Low energy
Social Anxiety
No remorse

So my question is this: Since this drug causes dopamine levels to rise and prolactin to fall, could this drug be used to help alleviate and/or skip the post orgasm hangover symptoms, if so, which ones would it target specifically?

Has anybody tried this drug? Does anybody know if dopamine levels fall off again if the drug is stopped?

This drug only effects the dopamine/prolactin chemicals specifically, and there are other chemicals that matter as well, such as oxytocin. But it seems like this drug could remove that social anxiety, get you out of the house, and talking to people (thus generating oxytocin)

I am heavily thinking about trying an experiment on myself.
What are your thoughts?

Don't know, but it's a dopamine agonist

So pay attention. Dopamine agonists have caused people to develop uncharacteristic addictions. (Not saying this will happen to you. Just notice if you get a sudden urge to gamble or do something kinky you didn't like before. Wink ) See:

Also, keep in mind that Western medical professionals are in complete denial about the possibility that there is a neurochemical cycle after orgasm that continues for at least 7 days in men. So when they say "no side effects," you have to wonder if they are looking at mood, etc., and for how long.

When I pointed out to one doctor the Chinese research showing a 7-day hormonal cycle for men after ejaculation, he said, "That research hasn't been duplicated." But the point is that no one in the West has TRIED to duplicate it, so there's no reason to assume it wouldn't be duplicated. Yet he did...with complete confidence.

In short, even if you fix a short-term set of symptoms, you may not be helping yourself over all. But who knows? I'm sure it's tempting to try it. Let us know if you do. I wish I could find the post here from some man who got a dopamine agonist from a Chinese doctor to enhance his libido artificially, and completely messed himself up. Maybe you could find some information on the Web about L-Dopa patients. I think that's what he was taking.

You're right that the researchers seem to be thinking in terms of "How do we jack up libido and make folks have more orgasms?" Viagra has been so profitable that it's hard for anyone anymore to think in terms of, "What does this research tell us about how we create balanced, sustainable libido?"

Seems plausible that the

Seems plausible that the subjects dopamine levels went too high (ie addictions).
Either way I am not looking to have more addictions, lol. I think I will steer clear of this for now and just deal with the low dopamine side effects on my own.

Reason enough to be cautious - here's a few studies:

Pathological gambling associated with cabergoline therapy in a patient with a pituitary prolactinoma.
Davie M
J Neuropsychiatry Clin Neurosci. 2007 Fall;19(4):473-4.

Pathological gambling and hypersexuality in cabergoline-treated prolactinoma.
Falhammar H, Yarker JY.
Med J Aust. 2009 Jan 19;190(2):97.

Reason enough to be cautious

We define hangover as mainly

a perception shift between sexual partners, not a solo experience. This perception shift is the basis of our books, and this website.

You are in the minority if you notice changes in yourself due to orgasm. But many of the people who show up here do recognize symptoms. Your genes never intended for you to be aware of any negative side-effects. This is why it's so common for people to say "I don't have a hangover".

Most people only notice these perception shifts if:
1) Both partners have conventional sex for a period of time
2) Both partners switch to several weeks of karezza
3) Both partners have conventional sex with orgasms

I doubt that a dopamine agonist would alter the perception shift between sexual partners. For example, if you give cabergoline to a bull or male rat, their limbic brains will still know who they had sex with, and the Coolidge effect will still be triggered. I think it would be the same in humans.

Second point: The neurochemical changes at orgasm are much more than dopamine and prolactin.
1) Opioids increase for several days
2) Testosterone receptors in the brain decline for 4-7 days
3) A testosterone spike occurs at day 7 indicating pituitary hormones (GNrh) are somehow involved in regulating levels of other hormones
4) Serotonin rises for a short period

All these (and a whole lot more, I imagine) indicate a more complex symphony of changes. More than just dopamine and prolactin.

Third point: Orgasm is a very specific event with very specific portions of the brain being affected. A drug is like a shotgun - it will affect dopamine receptors all over the body and brain.
Thus the side-effects.

And as always, short term side effects of a drug may have little to do with long-term side effects.

However, used wisely, who knows what it may do for individual side effects.



Your genes never intended for you to be aware of any negative side-effects. This is why it's so common for people to say "I don't have a hangover".


Gary, that's very interesting, can you elaborate on that, a bit? How come my genes never intended for me to be aware of any negative side-effects? Thank you!

So you would

continue to have sex. If people actually noticed that overstimulation was affecting their mood or causing separation from the one they loved, they might have sex less often. Maybe.

Wow, thanks for the helpful

Wow, thanks for the helpful post(s) you guys really have lots of knowledge on the subject.
The only way I was able to notice changes in myself due to orgasm was from reading your book! (Most people think I am crazy when I talk about post orgasm hangovers)

I think you guys have swayed me off of trying out this drug. Doesn't seem worth it after hearing about the additional addictions they can cause. Nor does it seem like it would fix the issue.

Well, keep in mind

that we're not doctors. And there *are* some good ones out there. At least you'd know some good questions to ask, if you still want to talk it over with an expert.

For most people the hangover is too subtle to notice, so the whole idea sounds crazy. But once you see it for yourself, it's hard to keep your head stuck in the sand. Smile