wet dreams a sign of recovery?

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Is it true that a wet dream is a indicator that the brain has rebooted?
Or can a person reboot without having any wet dream?

I also have a few other questions.
Since I spent a lot of time pmo and with more and more xtreme material I noticed that normal sex was boring and I had troubles getting horny and hard when having sex with a girl. Will I ever be able to get back to how I was before watching porn? very horny and sensitive to visal and bodily stimulus. Or has this years of pmo made life changing structures in my brain that cant completely be rewired/reversed?

Will the rewiring happen just by avoiding pmo for a long time (2 months) or does I need alternative stimuli to rewire my brain?
like socialize, have a girlfriend, touch others, etc etc

Thanks. Porn free almost 1 year now :)

What is actually porn btw? whats the definition of porn? In the last weeks I have been masturbating to images of girls. not nude just posing sexily. its not extreme, but still I think it creates some of the same effects as "hardcore" porn. Its temping to escalate and I notice I get decentizised. I stopped this immidiately after refriching my knowledge about dopamine and addiction. Thank to yourbrainonporn site. Very informative and easy to navigate site :)

Hey light!

Good to hear from you. Congratulations on your year without porn. Bravo! Glad you like the new site. Gary has been working on it very hard. He's also the reason it's so easy to navigate. Wink

I think you're answering your own questions about what things it is not helpful to watch. The real question is "What triggers my old addiction and causes numbing of my pleasure response so I need stronger and stronger stimuli?"

And here's the thing: A lot of the risk of Internet viewing is the dopamine released from the constant clicking to/hunting for something novel. Novelty itself is a drug because of the constant dopamine hits. This release of dopamine for novelty was meant to make your ancestors inquisitive so they found new territories and ideas (and serviced novel mates Wink ). The Internet hijacks that old mechanism and tricks the brain into hunting for 2-D novelty and registering it as *really valuable*.

So even if you were looking at sexy goddesses with clothing, a series of them could register with your brain as supernormal stimulation - especially once your brain has been trained to associate clicking on the Internet with reward. Bummer.

It has been suggested that masturbating to sensations alone, or perhaps non-porn inspired thoughts of interactions with real women, is less likely to dysregulate dopamine. Have you tried either of these? Keep in mind that "less can be more." That is, too frequent masturbation also numbs some brains, which is why less intense stimulation is...well...less intense. Smile It also seems to have less of a neurochemical hangover - which is part of what drives the need for more and more stimulation. At the same time, decreasing frequency might make your brain more sensitive, so you "get more out of" the experience of masturbating.

I don't know if the wet dream is a reliable signal for rebooting. Everyone is different. Some people here have suggested that when you feel like socializing and flirting and you get out there and do them, you're back in balance. That makes some sense, because porn actually hijacks the mating/bonding circuitry. So if you have the "urge to merge," it means the extreme stimulation of porn isn't dampening your attraction to real potential partners.

I think you should be optimistic about returning to full sensitivity...especially if you don't overdo the masturbation. (Remember, it all comes down to reversing dopamine dysregulation in the reward circuitry.) It's pretty inspiring to hear how the guys, for whom porn led to erectile dysfunction, recover their normal, healthy sexuality after weeks of allowing their brains to rest.

You don't have to do anything. It just happens automatically. That said, helping yourself along with socializing, exercise, time in nature, meditation, etc. can make the transition easier...and perhaps quicker. We can't say for sure about the shorter time. Not enough feedback yet.

Let us know what you learn.

thanks this is great info. I

thanks this is great info.
I just want to mention that I think dopamine plays a role in some behavior in addition to porn. Like surfing with many tabs open/multitasking, downloading things from the net. So the internet feels like hyperstimuli. Its like my brain always wants to be entertained by something. Reading books is not good enough for me anymore, sort of.

When it comes to rebooting. I noticed that just watching the sexy girls (with clothes) was much more exiting after my abstinence period than when I was "deep" into hardporn. I think that can be a sign of rebooting or that the brain has regained normal sensitivity for visual stimuli.

It also make sense to me to start eathing really healty instead of junk food. Because dopamine gets raised quite much during eating junk food, then probably this can trigger porn viewing when dopamine levels are low in the cycle. Or that rebooting can take a longer time because dopamine is raised abnormaly high as when viewing porn (but not that high as porn stimuli)

This has probably been mentioned and discussed before :)

It has been discussed, but

it's always good to make the point how/why dopamine dysregulation in one area affects other aspects of our lives. We only have one reward circuit, which different appetites use. That's why there's so much co-morbidity among addicts. But it works the other way, too. When we meditate or exercise or....whatever we do to help restore balance, it actually can soothe cravings.

It's exciting that you've experienced your brain coming back to normal sensitivity. Once you experience this for yourself...and how the escalation can start again...it gets easier and easier to steer for the results you want.

I really need to write an article about superstimuli and why "moderation" doesn't work well for most of us.

Strictly speaking, porn (sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll) isn't the problem. The problem is dopamine dysregulation. The occasional indulgence wouldn't be a big deal. Our brains evolved for the odd binge. The problem is constant superstimulation, because it decreases brain sensitivity, and pretty soon we notice "withdrawal" symptoms if we don't get our fix.

Frequent superstimuli are just not like normal stimulation - or even very occasional superstimulation - in terms of brain effects.

Here's a video that discusses this: http://www.thepsychfiles.com/2010/06/episode-126-supernormal-stimuli-is-...

a few more questions: 1. Is

a few more questions:

1. Is there an further recovery process after the reboot after 2 months? will people who abstain from pmo for a longer time 3-6-9 months recover even further and get some extra benefits of doing so? If not I cant really see the point of going very long without ejaculation.(more than 2-3 months)

2. Are there some people here who has gone 6+ months without pmo? How is their experience of going for so long without ejaculation? Do they see some more benefits of going without pmo for such a long time?

3. I was thinking how many of todays people who are aware of the info on sites like this and that porn can have negative effect on many areas of your life. It cant be many! Everywhere I hear about how good and healty porn is, and if I would mention some of the things I read here they will think its based on my religious view. Ok so lets say 1% of people (or less) are really aware of the negative effects of porn. Then the people on this sites are in a way doing something that most people never ever do. (abstaining from pmo for a long time) So we are kind of guinea pigs? :) (not sure if its the right expression)

4. Its abit strange that the scientist with todays technology does not reasearch more on the effect porn has on the brain. There are so many other things they do reasearch on, that does not have much impact on people as porn has. Porn is everywhere and so many are using it.

I wouldn't think

there would be much to gain. I think it becomes important to find a workable balance that doesn't escalate.

Yes, people here *are* guinea pigs, which is why feedback from all of you is very helpful.

Just this year some research is finally coming out that's beginning to tackle the important subject of porn's effects on the brain. See some of the studies here: http://yourbrainonporn.com/sex-addiction But this research is hard to explain, and still "preliminary." It definitely hasn't reached the mainstream "air waves" yet. And most sexologists are not well-versed in recent brain science. They have more faith in their questionnaires of college students than in the brain science of behavioral addiction.

However, porn users are reporting more and more distress, so it won't be long before some serious research shows up the flaws in the old sexology advice. It may have been good advice, mind you, when Playboy was the extent of a person's erotica. But Internet porn is a whole new "drug" for the brain because of its constant novelty and ease of escalation.