Blood Flow and ED

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Hey all,

I came upon this site a few months and wow...what a great resource. I am currently beginning week 4 (day 22) of abstinence (no PM or O) and I can certainly say that I feel better, but as many others have mentioned, it's definitely not a linear recovery.

One question I had (and I didn't find anyone else writing about it previously) was about over-masturbation and blood flow to the penis. My penis seems to have gotten smaller when it's flaccid, like my adrenaline (fight or flight possibly) is on overdrive. It is very annoying because it looks almost sickly and isn't very sensitive (can be cold as well). Does anyone have any insights into this and/or has anyone seen improvement after giving up PMO?

Also, my libido is very low. I'll go to the bar and not feel turned on at all, though I can tell the women I'm seeing are very attractive. I'm embarrassed to engage them because of this. Anyway, we'll see how it goes, hopefully time will tell.



It sounds like you are normal. Have a look at cyberbob's blog. He said the same kinds of things you are saying at three weeks.

As for the blood flow, no one's flaccid penis looks very lively. Wink Give your brain a bit more time and I predict it'll be waving around like a flagpole at a parade.

I know how disconcerting it is for things to get worse before they get better, but if you think of what's going on in your brain, it makes some sense. Your brain is struggling to find its normal balance. It simply takes time.

I was just reading this study on the new site. It's about cocaine-induced dopamine dysregulation, not porn-related erectile dysfunction-related dopamine dysregulation. But it took a month for one kind of dopamine receptor to bounce back and 90 days for another dopamine receptor.

Three weeks is a good start, but it's just not long enough. Relax, and try some of these other tools if you find yourself getting anxious.

Blog if you like.