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greetings. thru my life I have had many masturbations without woman. Recently due to this website and other website I was recommended to stop the mastrubations. however, as of this week I have had 7 noturnal pollutions which prevents me from stopping the masturbations.

Please advice me, what is the recommended way to avoid the nocturnal pollutions.

Thanks you for advice!

It's not easy to put the brakes on at first

Patience is probably your best bet, even though the situation is frustrating...and a bit messy. Smile I should add that if you are still watching porn, you probably have to stop that if you want the dreams to stop.

Stopping wet dreams (we don't think of them as "nocturnal pollutions" in modern English) isn't really a goal of this site. The goal here is to increase balance in the brain, which tends to increase feelings of wellbeing and reduce excessive symptoms across the board. Here are the tools we recommend: Be sure to see the "Additional Tools, halfway down the page, too

I've heard there are websites devoted to stopping wetdreams with suggestions like "avoid spicy foods, binging on junk food, and erotic cues," so you might look for them, if you think this is your top priority. Ultimately, though, the best course is to move toward the things in life for which you have been substituting masturbation.

Let me know if you want to start a blog and hang around to share your progress.

thanks you. I had 4 more wet

thanks you. I had 4 more wet pollutions but did stop watching porn cues like your suggestions.

however, after stop the porn, any tips on how long the dreams takes to stop?

i feel it is the best way to substitute masturbation, like you said.

I don't think

there's a definitive answer to this question. Each person will be different. Why not just allow them to continue without struggle? Inner tension could be contributing to the phenomenon. Just trust your body to find its own balance in its own time.