does orgasm in sleep count as relapse?

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Last night was Day 12 PMO free for me the longest I was ever able to hold. I dreamed of sex with one of my female friends. I remember at some point I was about to orgasm, and then orgasming, and then I woke up. I was confused on what had happened. I reached to feel if I cum or not and it appeared that indeed i cummed.

So, is it relapse? I did not masturbate while having that dream.


but do watch out for the chaser effect. Wink

Let us know how you get on.

And bravo for getting so far. Well done!

*big hug*

I'm looking for the right

I'm looking for the right mental muscles to exercise in advance. Whatever wave of sexual energy I have to fight off now would be much harder to do in chaser seeking mode. Perhaps I can be more prepared as sometimes I feel like I'm going to be there very soon.

i am going crazy

I AM going crazy with this. Last night I had a dream about sexual intercourse. It was as vivid as ever. Then I woke up, I gave up, said to myself "fak it" and started to masturbate very lively and emotionally, for a long time.

Then I woke up and realised that I was just dreaming it all: a dream within a dream, just like in that inception movie. I think I am going crazy, seriously.

I am gonna have a beer now. Never had before anything like that in my life. Usually I don't remember my dreams.

Not really

I agree with you that he shouldn't worry about wet dreams too much, but what you stated isn't quite true. Semen is reabsorbed into the body as it's produced, if no ejaculation of any kind occurs. That's what's supposed to happen. Wet dreams are ultimately caused by an excess build-up of repressed sexual urges, and they're best prevented by avoiding dwelling in fantasy during the day (all dreams, in general, become clearer if you stay out of your head more often, so those same habits eventually carry over into your sleep) and making sure to channel the sexual energy to other activities during the day.

The more you experience certain repetitive thoughts and emotions while you're awake, the stronger the possibility of dreaming about them. That also applies to sexual fantasy.

I didn't experience much

I didn't experience much dream or quasi-dream fantasy until karezza thinking rewired my brain. It king of feels like I'm recirculating energy in my sleep because I'm too lazy to do it in the daytime. Maybe an excess sexual energy came about as PMO lessened and it has nothing to do with karezza thinking as much as not having a prior brain fantasy pattern ready to go. I've never had a wet dream.