♥Have any couples experimented with breathing exercises along with karezza?

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I don't have a partner to experiment with, so i was wondering if anyone has or is willing to experiment and post. The method i found appealing with karezza is the Bhastrika Yoga Pranayama - http://www.anmolmehta.com/blog/2007/08/22/bhastrika-yoga-breathing-exerc...

It is mentioned that it is very good for power and energy, and karezza being a form of energy circulation between both bodies, i was wondering if this could intensify the experience of karezza. The site mentions that it's not for everyone, they don't recommend women to do this while they are menstruating.

I don't think

of karezza as an energy exchange. I see it as a loving, sexual connection without the goal of orgasm. It could certainly take the form of Tantric energy exchange and many other forms.


The way i've been looking at it was that orgasm consumes all the energy one person has to give them pleasure for a short time, where with karezza the energy does not get used up but instead is like air we breath in oxygen and out carbon dioxide and plants take in the carbon and out the oxygen, i see it the same way between male and female energy, let's say the male produces male energy, the female can enjoy this energy while converting it into female energy and vice versa, and it just circulates. so if you add an energy producing breathing technique, would this intensify the sensations?

Isn't the point to allow

Isn't the point to allow space-time to feel the sensations that are present including energy? I can see breathing as a way to focus presence and help avoid overheating, but once you strive to intensify, is that still karezza land?

Then you can say the same

Then you can say the same about people not having any orgasms to increase their sexual energy, rather than waste it in an orgasm. In fact karezza intensifies the bonds people have, are they no longer bonding by practicing karezza? i suppose if you get to the point where you start experiencing things much like after orgasm then you could be right, but we don't know if that would happen. As long as orgasm is avoided, energy mantained and it strengthens the bonds the couples are making, is this not karezza? The breathing technique is tiring you could not do it all night, but a few times maybe once every 1 or 2 hours, infact it may help couples relax even more. Do some research on Bhastrika, and see if you like it. I can only suggest ideas as i do not have a partner, otherwise i would try it.

Maybe I'm just wiped out,

Maybe I'm just wiped out, but I'm confused. You're saying doing less (orgasm) as a way to intensify is the same as your question about doing more (breathing)?

Ideas are great. I'm learning much here. Are those health effects of more oxygen substantiated? I guess it can't hurt. I was reading a book on breathing about breathing using the entire lungs (The Art of Breathing). Most people after birth begin to use only the upper portion of the lungs. This seems to suggest stretching the upper portion. Is that correct? Why not just use the lungs as designed and used naturally at birth? It might be more natural and less work.


The only type of conscious breathing we do while connected in lovemaking is the "circular" breathing (mine goes up through my genitals and out my breasts and he does the opposite). To me, it makes things very warm and buzzy and alive (especially his penis). I can feel my heart expanding with love and warmth.

Everything tingles. It's very nice. It's a good way to keep your focus on your bodily sensations. His sending his energy up through his penis to me feels wonderful, as though his penis is coming straight up through my body.


Awesome Post!

This is what i'm looking for even if it's not the technique i mentioned, it's a productive post and couples can try it if they choose to, it's enhancing the experience, this is very interesting, perhaps more couples will post about other techniques. can you give more details or a webpage talking about it? does he tingle as well? I'm not sure if your visualizing the energy flow or each breathing a specific way to control the flow, maybe both. I understand the energy flow, could you go into more detail on how each of you are breathing?


I first read about it in a book called "The Heart of Tantric Sex" (Diana Richardson) and I believe it may also be in her other book, "Tantric Sex for Men," too.

My partner says what happens to him is it starts to feel like his penis is huge, like it's his whole body. He is focusing on his perineum area while breathing in and out with visual circles going from his chest down into his penis and out, making a circle. We try to breathe together, but sometimes that isn't possible. (I almost hyperventilated once trying to keep up with his breathing, lol) Whenever I get a really good relaxed circle going, he will sometimes moan during the best part (where it comes up through my vagina), so I know he can feel it, too.

Anyway, it helps us both relax and be in the moment and it really is wonderful.


Are the tingles like pins

Are the tingles like pins and needles, pulsations, the touch response when it goes beyond the skin surface or something else?

I can identify with the huge penis feeling. Kind of funny how much of this can be felt on ones own if you allow it and can lucid dream. For me it feels like my penis is a unified whole from my perineum. It feels like less of an appendage and more part of my core. I feel a sense of oneness and that I am erect with awareness. It feels controlled and perhaps alpha male.


The tingles remind me of when you have a warm fuzzy thought and it spreads all throughout your body (the only way I can explain it).

All of these breathing exercises should be done on your own when you have a chance because they help you "practice" for when you are lovemaking and keep you in touch with your body. I do the circular breathing every night when I lie in bed and do my thankfulness meditations. I go immediately into a deep sleep. I love it.



yeah i read the other post where you were talking about the books i might just buy all of them, that sounds like an amazing experience, i really hope i have someone i can share that with soon.

The books

I encourage any man who desires to practice this type of lovemaking to read *all* the books~~there is so much you can learn about the female body and it will make you a fantastic lover.

You may end up being a "teacher" and if so, you are going to have to teach your lover how to relax her pelvis and become receptive and focused. To me, that is the key to the whole thing because when the woman can do that, the man has a much easier time becoming relaxed as well. Or, you can just pass your books along to her!

If you read the "Tantric Orgasm for Women" book, you will learn a lot about feminine sexuality and it's such good stuff to know.



have you tried breathing through your genitals just like he is, i thought it was interesting that he felt like his penis was huge, i was wondering if you might feel something comparable with your vagina at the same time, i'm sure we'd all be curious to hear if it was comparable to what you usually do. plus the penis and vaginal have so many nerves, i imagine energy flows better through nerves in direct contact.

What does Heart cover that

What does Heart cover that the others don't?

Why wait? These ideas take time to gel. One might as well read when there is interest. One also is likely to pick a different partner the more one reads. Knowledge is food for growth.


is Diana's first and is an overview. TS for Men and TO for Women is more detailed, refined for those topics, and reflects D&M's growth. Feelings vs Emotion is not about sex but if you don't clear that stuff up, how are you ever going to love?