Problems with PE becouse masturbation

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So Im here now. I really dont know how to start
I have been involved in masturbation watching porn for about 6 or 7 years I used to do it almost 3-4 times a day
At the begining I did not have a problem but now Im facing real problems like Premature Ejaculation Srinkage of Penis and no Erections I did have a wife is well but I lost her becouse my addiction.I used to come very quick in 20-30 seconds and she try everything with me to solve the problem
Every times we used to talk about this problem I used to fiind a refuge in porn and masturbation
At this stage Im alone and very desorientated I really dont know where to go and what to do
I went to doctors and they done some blood test they test my penis and all of them they say is all fine with me
They gave me Viagra but I did not have any chances to used becouse Im not married anymore and I dont have any female to try
Also they gave me some injections I did not try them either
I did not masturbate for 3 moths on some point and after 3 months I just cant hold anymore and I went back masturbate myself even harder then before
Now I did not masturbate for a week and I dont wana masturbate at all Im thinking if I will fell the urge to masturbate Im gona go to a brothel or to do something else then think about porn and masturbation becouse I did understand masturbation and sex with a real woman is very diferent but I believe sex with a prostitute is not the same like Im in love with somebody
I just wana solve this problem to get married again and have kids
Im 36 years old and I do hoppe to recover from this mess which destroy my life
If there is some other people who can share they experience if they recover from this pain and how long will take to recover I will appreciate that
Im wondering If I will be cured in one day
Thanks for reading my post and I will wait for your answers and advice!!!!!!


Thanks for your answer so quick
My bigest problem I=is Premature Ejaculation and Erections
Will be any chances for recovery??????