Anyone from UK willing to tell their porn story anonymously for the BBC?

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A friend has been asked by a BBC producer to suggest a program on the suffering caused by today's porn use. Here's what she said,

Do you think that anyone on the forum might be willing to speak over the phone for a radio interview or if it gets to TV be willing to speak with a disguised voice, hidden from view and anonymously just to get the info out there?

If you're willing to help, it could save others from having to go through the same misery that you have. Please send me a private message if you would be willing to consider helping. (This is preliminary, not a firm commitment yet.)

Thanks guys.

General purpose

Hi Marnia,

Do you mind if i ask what the general purpose of the documentary is, is this an 'anti-porn' documentary or one that focuses on the impact of excessive use?

Also, would this website be mentioned and if so would we (the posters that rely on this site to get us through) be made aware of if/when the documentary will be aired?

I feel this is important as people like I are opening up under a reasonable level of anonymity (due partly to knowing that generally only those affected by the issue visiting this site), if the level of exposure this site receives increases significantly beyond that target group then i would look to edit/remove a lot of my posts as the intimate detail revealed can paint quite a unique picture that may leave us identifiable to those that we have had relationships with before.

On another note, i think perhaps it would be better for someone who has conquered this issue to volunteer as that would give listeners greater hope.


Believe me,

this whole project is a long shot. And even if it comes to fruition I can't imagine it driving any traffic to the site, as we will not directly be involved. My friend in UK simply knows of our forum and asked if I could find any willing folk.

As far as I know the program would be about how porn is interfering in relationships. But so far all that has been done is a two-paragraph (!) proposal to a BBC editor, so there's not much to go on. I've read those paragraphs, and they aren't "anti-porn" (in the ranting, religious sense) although they are about problems it is causing, with a focus on the science that might account for those problems. They aren't based on "cured" stories.

Unless you guys speak up, the mainstream distortion continues unabated. It's largely porn's anonymity that leaves the microphone in the hands of pornographers and outdated experts. Little of the critically important research is being done, in part because not enough people are willing to speak up. That's already changing, but this is a chance to move things along.

Just read the post, which

Just read the post, which reminded me of the Jacqui Smith (Ex-politician) radio program that is airing this very moment

I've only just started listening so can't say what the content is like. Thing with the BBC is they do have a vary wide range of possible angles to take on everything, if it's something for Panaroma it will normally take quite a hard-line against whatever the subject is, and yet a different program could attempt to take a very neutral stance.

After the program that's on

After the program that's on right now, I think there is also a phone-in debate about porn which could be interesting.

I guess this is only accessible within the UK, not sure if there are proxies you can use to access it from outside.