Would excercise/herbs help w/hangover?

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I posted about this before. Even if you are willing to forgo drugs, aren't there herbs which could help, yoga, etc? Just an idea.

Quite possibly

However, the brain is infinitely complex, and so far our ability to manipulate it is not up to the sublety of protecting loving feelings. Even if we can cause slightly greater feelings of trust, or libido...we can't do it without side-effects that are potentially far more risky than we realize.

Since the post-orgasmic letdown seems to involve at least 3-4 neurochemicals (and changes in relevant nerve cell receptors), some of which surge up and down during the hangover, you can imagine how tricky it would be to counteract the changes artificially.

I think anything that balances us (yoga, meditation) has benefits, but remember that those practitioners were in many cases practicing controlled intercourse or celibacy. There was no doubt a reason. I sense that compromise doesn't work very well, but if your experience proves otherwise, please share it.