Using actual memories during MB while recovering

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Hi! So I came across about three weeks ago, and realized that porn was the root of my copulatory impotence. I think I had a fairly subtle porn addiction, which made it harder for me to recognize, but it definitely affected me in my latest relationship - the ED from it was one of the driving factors behind our recent breakup. We broke up about four days after I came across the site and quit porn.

I have not watched porn since, but have masturbated a few times, either just focusing on the sensation, or memories of my last GF. My question is, will masturbating to these memories set me back? I'm not watching any porn (and increasingly have less and less desire to), and I remember reading a topic or two about the link between porn and fantasy, and/or porn flashbacks. I'm not using any porn flashbacks, simply the actual memories of her.


Hard to say

Do you notice an increase in extremeness of fantasy or frequency of masturbation? The goal is balance, so if you feel balanced and things aren't escalating, you might be doing all right.

That said...any chance you could get back together? If so, cutting back might increase your balance and strength from within...making you more attractive to each other.

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