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Have looked at porn for about 7 years. Escalated in frequency and urges. I know this is hurting my life badly. I'm at an age where should be socializing and going around with girls but I've noticed that my behavior is similar to an addicts. I feel desensitized, helpless, and out of control. I've tried to stop so many times but every time I've failed. If anyone has any support or advice on quitting for good please help


Your story is not unusual here, and people definitely do recover.

Have you checked out the resources at YBOP? Most everything there arose from the insights shared here. If you haven't listened to Gary's presentation, start there.

Be very gentle with yourself. This is, indeed, an addiction, but labels don't matter. All that means is that right now, your brain is out of balance and needs you to change your behaviors to let it return to balance. Alas, that means going through a nasty, scary withdrawal - so get all the support you can. I'll enable you to blog, but there are also other resources available.

Keep us posted on your progress.

*big hug*