One Way To Avoid Masturbating

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Learn how to start a fire the old-fashioned way. What I mean is, the way cavemen had done it way back in the day. It's called the hand drill friction fire method. It's rubbing two sticks together by spinning a stick into a fireboard to generate enough heat to create a glowing ember (like what you see on the end of a lit cigarette).

What does this have to do with masturbation? Well, you have to use your hands to spin the spindle. It is very likely you'll develop blisters then callouses on your hands and they'll be too sore/ rough to use for masturbation. At least that's how it worked out in my case when I learned how to make fire this way.

It took me about a month to learn and I noticed I cut down dramatically on my masturbation because I'd become so obsessed with wanting to learn how to make fire using this method. I'm circumcised and Vaseline/ petroleum jelly was my lube of choice. When my hands were sore and all blistered it was hard to avoid the pain and made masturbating near impossible. Even when my hands healed and I became proficient with this fire-making skill my hands were all toughened up (calloused) and it was extra rough on my penis when I'd try to masturbate (even with lotsa lube). I since stopped practicing the hand drill method as I wanted my soft sensitive computer keyboard hands back, ha ha (This was about a year ago before I knew of porn addiction).

There are tons of YouTube videos of folks demonstrating or showing tutorials on this fire making technique. You may even see a couple vids I've made demonstrating this skill (successes & failures).

Here's a link to search on YouTube if anyone's interested:

YouTube - Friction Fire Hand Drill

I'm thinking of practicing up again to help with my PMO challenges.

If you're half interested, I recommend learning the bow drill friction fire method first as it's easier and you'll get a better understanding of the general concept of friction fire making. For me, learning and practicing various friction fire methods is something I enjoy doing. These are very worthwhile skills to learn and can be a conversation piece when demonstrating around other people (ie. a party). I've since started showing and teaching friends, neighbors, and even to folks at bushcraft gatherings (fellow outdoors people that meet together) how to make friction fires.

YouTube - Friction Fire Bow Drill

Though, one potential drawback mentioned from a fellow hand-driller was his wife complained about his hands being too rough when he touched her. But, if you're single and need to reboot, this could be an option, especially if you're bored (and it's good exercise too). Plus, it relates quite well with being out in nature.

Interesting. I don't recall

Interesting. I don't recall this being so rough on the hands. It's been ages since I did this. You could also get blisters with weights such as a kettle bell or maybe even just with chin ups or monkey bars.

We humans are too clever to be wasting time with porn or most of the nonsense we're currently undertaking. Caveman would have starved to death if he had internet porn.

It depends...

Generally, when one learns this skill it's easy to get blisters because the hands aren't used to the friction. It's especially easy to get blisters if you get frustrated that in-turn makes you more determined to get it to work successfully. Unless you're working with an ideal hand drill set, most folks are likely to get at least hot spots on their hands.

I chatted with a guy who was a construction worker who said he never got blisters learning the hand drill. I can only guess he already had toughened up hands. In my case, I never did a lotta rough stuff with my hands til I got into bushcraft a few years ago. I've always had soft hands working in an office environment most of my adult life.

I know when I practice this skill again I won't get blisters because I have the experience to know better now. I do expect though that my hands will toughen and callous up again. What I noticed when I masturbated with rough hands was it caused the skin on my penis to also toughen up. It hurt at first, but then I noticed I was losing sensation. At the time, I didn't like the trade-off so I stopped doing the hand drill so my hands could become soft again.

I have noticed too that using dumb bells and the pull-up bar have toughen up my hands a bit. Perhaps doing anything that's hard on the hands could do the trick and intentionally make it more uncomfortable to masturbate (or less stimulating).

Discipline is remembering what you want

I can see a temporary but

I can see a temporary but not a long term solution as one can change their methods. One can masturbate using only fingertips. I used an unconventional (not death grip) method for years. I can masturbate without moving my hand at all. Touch and thought is enough for me.

I agree

I think we all know there's alternatives, but traditional hand masturbation seems to be the most preferred (and usually most convenient). I'm sure if one's determined enough he'll find a way to scratch that itch. The point was to make it a bit harder to wanna scratch that itch (or rougher in this case, ha ha). I'm thinkin' this would be a good option when trying to overcome the addiction during the reboot/ withdrawal phase.

Learning the hand drill is multi-faceted. It's something else to do if you have nothing better to do (takes your mind off PMO). It's an exhilarating personal accomplishment (very rewarding). Not very many people are proficient with this skill. It toughens up the hands to discourage traditional M (at least it was for me). It's an opportunity to be one with nature, like encouraging folks to wanna go camping, backpacking, do day hikes, or even walk in local parks (there's no sexual stimuli in the woods). Wooded areas are great places to find materials to make a hand drill set. You can show/ teach the skill to others who are curious (social opportunity). The average person doesn't get to see someone make fire like this so most folks will be impressed by it. And, you get some exercise in the process.

Discipline is remembering what you want