Masturbation addiction and premature ejaculation

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a read on the internet that premature ejaculation might be linked to masturbation addiction.
For example:
Quote "For males, studies indicate masturbation addiction leads to premature ejaculation."

But I could not find any studies.
So, is there any scientific connection between masturbating too much and premature ejaculation?
And if so, why is that?


and Gary hasn't seen any relevant research (but there's not really been any on masturbation and performance that we know of). But I've heard that, too.

Men here have reported a decrease in PE and "semen leakage" when they stop masturbating very frequently. Maybe PE is a form of "semen leakage." That is, the normal controls are somewhat reduced for various reasons, leaving the person trigger happy. That said, as with penis size, there's probably a wide range of "normal."

I've read about a connection between PE and too much ejaculation in Daoist books.The Chinese model says "Too much ejaculation weakens kidney yin, which can show up as PE and various other symptoms." Maybe you would find something useful in this book: