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I've been away for a little while because I've been busy with other things. Mainly I've been dancing a whole lot and life is really good for me right now. I haven't fallen off the wagon, so to speak. I haven't looked at porn since July 6th last year and I've been keeping masturbation to a minimum. I find that when I do masturbate I get the urge to keep on doing it, but when I abstain, the longer I go without it, the less I tend to want it.

Here's something significant that I've noticed. In my own case, and many cases I've read about, porn and masturbation function as a substitute for a more healthy and natural outlet for the need for connection and satisfaction as both a sexual and non-sexual being. You can practice abstinence, which is definitely necessary, in my opinion, to break free from addiction, but you also need to treat the problems that caused you to fall into addiction in the first place. I believe if you take on the abstinence challenge without finding something to substitute it with, you're really setting yourself up for failure. You have to honestly ask yourself what caused you to end up where you are today and work on fixing those issues. Easier said than done, I know, but most things that are worthwhile require significant effort.

I honestly think the dancing has played a huge part in my success. For me, dancing has so many benefits:

- I drink less alcohol and dance more.
- It's great for fitness and a lot more fun than cardio at the gym.
- I've made friends there.
- I can hang out with the opposite sex with no pressure and just have fun.
- Free hugs and shared body contact and connection.
- It keeps me out of the house (idle hands lead to you know what).
- It helps improve and maintain a healthy brain and memory.
- I feel I've found a passion in my life, which is something that I've been missing for a while.
- It's an opportunity to meet a new partner in a low pressure environment, with shared passion for dancing.

I have also met a girl from dancing and things are looking pretty good at the moment.

I hope this post finds you all well. Hugs,




I can see the makings of a remake

of Saturday Night Fever in your story. It would be perfect for 2011 and the cyber generation. The star could wear very tight pants. At the beginning of the movie his dancing would suck and his bulge would be non existent. Onlookers suspect he's a eunuch. 3 months later he wins the disco dance contest while pumping his hips, accompanied by what looks like an erect cucumber nesting in his crotch.
The ladies screech and clap, the men look on in jealous amazement and baggy pants.