Hi, everyone!! My 1st post!

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hi everyone! this is my 1st post after reading so many other people's amazing stories of triumph from this terrible addiction. i would like to be able to blog and track my progress as i fight to overcome this problem. the longest i have ever gone without PMO is 24 days. that streaked ended yesterday when i stupidly relapsed.*UGHHHH* i binged a little today (actually a few minutes before this post), but i know i have to get right back up on that horse and move on. i do feel bad because of my relapse, and that i have to got through these miserable withdrawal symptoms again, but with your support and help i know i can do better. my goal is for 60 days with PMO and to ultimately kick this addiction forever. porn is something i don't want to live with anymore. i want to be a normal, free human being, connected with the rest of the world. :)

Good luck breaking out of

Good luck breaking out of the binge. I would look at porn, come here to write a post declaring my desire to stop, and then I'd start searching for porn again. If you can get away from it for 24 hours, it will be much easier to continue after that.

Similar story

Similar story here - I went 34 days on my first try, then relapsed.. went 3 more days.. relapsed...

Now I'm on day 7 again. I think jake has a good technique - if you're thinking of relapsing, just think in detail about the whole process from beginning to end - at the end after O, you feel like crap. Low energy, unconnected, swagger-free. Not Worth It.

Thanks guys

i appreciate all the support i can get. This is day 2 of no PMO and i must say i'm feeling pretty good about myself. Didn't really have any strong urges, just some mild porn fantasy thoughts which i can quickly eliminate by telling myself, "that's not you anymore!!" I'm just trying to stay focused on taking this 1 day at a time. :)