Day 24 with no porn or mastrubation. When will my penis start working?

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I'm starting to get worried. After 24 days there's still no sign of recovery for my penis. There is no morning wood, no arousal, nothing. I know it's a common complaint, but a man's manhood is his most important part. I've met a wonderful girl, and she's practically throwing her self at me.

How long did it take you other long term addicts to get back a at least functional penis? I hope it won't take like 3-4 months. In functional I mean being able to have an erection with light stimulation at least.

It can easily take

about 8 weeks for some guys, so it's way too soon to panic. Did you read this guy's story? You can contact him on this site if you have questions.


You might want to read this, too:

Congratulations on getting this far.

Found this site today

Hey im in the same situation, im 48 days clean and ive been getting more morning wood but im not had a full erection yet during the day, which for me will be the sign im cured and back to normal. 8 weeks is close for me so im lookin forward to seein if thats the time.


you only need an erection when having sex. And I bet if you had the opportunity, you'd rise to the occasion. Smile Doing anything to meet potential partners? It could be time.

ye i might wait till the 90

ye i might wait till the 90 day target before i put myself in that situation, my morning erections arent hard so im guessin im not cured yet, marnia youve posted alot on this site have you gone through the reboot urself?

"but a man's manhood is his

"but a man's manhood is his most important part."

The colon would beg to differ with you on that... it's the one organ that really calls all the shots! It always, ALWAYS gets what it wants, all other personal needs take a back seat when nature calls.

To be specific...

I'm currently at day 35 now. I've been able to get half erections in the morning or when thinking sexually. If I decided to have intercourse now, would it work? I really don't want to screw (pun intended) things up with the girl.

Yeah, wait

until you have the sense that "all systems are go" if you can. It's not unusual to experience a long "flat-line" period, as you know. Have faith. Remember, you brain will bounce back if you give it enough time.

Meanwhile, what's helping you most to cope with the withdrawal discomfort?